How cannabis seeds are used in food

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In Slavic countries, hemp seeds have been used for centuries in cooking as a source of energy, an assistant in the treatment of impotence, in the fight against diseases of the joints, skin, and diseases of the pancreas. Unlike leaves, stems and inflorescences, there are no psychoactive substances in the seeds of the plant, so in Ukraine you can freely buy cannabis seeds for food. Coffeeshop® offers to understand how they are used in cooking and for what properties our ancestors respected this plant so much.

What substances are rich in hemp seeds

Cannabis is considered a receptacle of beneficial elements. At the moment, science speaks of at least 45 compounds that are contained in hemp seeds in a ratio that is harmonious for the human body. The main ones are:

  • Zinc – participates in the synthesis of proteins, amino acids, specific hormones and about 300 vital enzymes for proper metabolism. Sufficient intake of zinc contributes to the formation of a normal immune response of the body to adverse external factors. It improves memory, supports brain function, which is especially important for older people, as well as those who work hard and hard.
  • B vitamins
    – help fight infections, energize, are responsible for the smooth functioning of the brain and cellular metabolism.

  • Vitamin C
    – participates in the synthesis of collagen, accelerates the process of wound healing, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and immunity.

  • Vitamin A
    – is involved in metabolism, slows down the aging process, prevents the formation of cancer cells.

  • Polyunsaturated oils (Omega-3)
    – essential fatty acids, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, elimination of internal inflammation, protection against atherosclerosis.

Hemp received the title of “superfood” precisely for its rich and harmonious composition. Today, every adherent of a healthy diet seeks to buy hemp seeds in Ukraine. Their presence in the diet can replace the intake of additional substances – vitamins and dietary supplements. This is especially actively used by those who adhere to non-traditional types of food – vegetarianism, veganism, raw food diet.

How hemp seeds were previously used in cooking

Hemp is considered the strongest tonic plant that our ancestors included in the diet of the elderly. It is used in Tibetan medicine as a source of vitamins and nutrients upon reaching the age of 70. In Ukraine, hemp milk was prepared from this plant:

  • the seeds were ground in a mortar;

  • the resulting flour was poured with warm water and allowed to brew.

The drink served as a substitute for cow or goat milk. It was offered to people in old age to normalize intestinal problems, as well as to young children as an independent drink or used as a basis for cereals.

Who Should Benefit from Cannabis Seeds in Their Diet?

Hemp seeds in food are used to prevent diabetes, treat thyroid diseases, severe skin diseases (dermatitis, psoriasis, neurodermatitis), mastopathy. If you include hemp seeds in your diet, then:

  • strengthen the nervous system;

  • protect yourself from viral diseases;

  • improve the condition of the cardiovascular system;

  • lose excess weight;

  • find a natural source of energy.

How to use cannabis seeds in a healthy diet

It is enough for an adult to eat 30-40 g of seeds per day to get a daily dose of the above elements.

For those who want to learn how to cook hemp seeds in the shell, nutritionists suggest three ways:

  1. Grind the seeds in a coffee grinder to a state of flour and add to cereals or pastries that you cook for breakfast. You can eat 1 teaspoon of ground seeds on an empty stomach after waking up with a glass of warm water. This will restore the intestinal microflora and create a feeling of satiety.

  2. A tablespoon of ground hemp seeds, brew a glass of boiling water and let it brew. A film forms on the surface of the liquid – this is hemp oil. Drink it before the main meal as a natural source of phytohormones.

  3. Mix a spoonful of hemp seeds with a spoonful of flax seeds, grind to a state of flour and pour warm water or green tea. You can add kefir, cottage cheese, banana or other fruits to the mixture and get an environmentally friendly smoothie option. Such a drink will replace a full breakfast. And for those who are going to throw off a few pounds, they can even have dinner.

Hemp seeds are used for food in sprouted or steamed form. In this version, they are added to salads, cereals, soups. They are included in sauces to give the dish a delicate herbaceous and nutty flavor.

Let’s figure out how many hours to soak hemp seeds for food. To do this, you need to place the seeds in cold water overnight, and then cook in a ratio of 1: 2 under the lid until all the water is absorbed.

Mystical properties of hemp seed

And for dessert, a little hemp mysticism. After the release of Castaneda’s books, talk about the special properties of hemp gained new strength. I must say that most of the herbs with a similar reputation (for example, wormwood) began to be used by shamans who prepared ayahuasca from them – a decoction of hallucinogenic plants and mushrooms. Before meditation, mystics brewed hemp tea from the twigs and leaves of the plant. After drinking, they plunged into a deep state of introspection, in which it was easier to calm down, find answers to questions of interest and bring consciousness to new levels.