Full Spectrum CBD Oil vs. broad spectrum vs. isolate

CBD Oil info

There are three types of CBD oils:

1. FULL SPECTRUM – also known as “full spectrum cannabinoids”
2. BROAD SPECTRUM – also known as “broad spectrum cannabinoids”.

What’s the difference between them?

The difference between broad spectrum, full spectrum and CBD isolate is in the content of chemical compounds in every product.

Full-spectrum CBD contains all of the cannabinoids and other plant compounds found in the hemp plant, including THC (THC is only found up to legal levels that are not psychoactive). The full spectrum of CBD (broad-spectrum) contains all cannabinoids and plant compounds except THC. CBD oil with isolate (CBD isolate) contains only CBD.

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CBD oil with isolate

These oils contain only CBD (cannabidiol) and do not contain other cannabinoids, terpenes or other fatty acids from the plant.

These oils are made by mixing pure crystalline CBD with a carrier oil.

The advantage of these oils is the lower price. The downside is that you miss out on the potential “entourage” effect that occurs when the full spectrum of cannabinoids is present in the oil.

CBD hemp oil crystalline – hemp seed oil, …



CBD isolate is also often used in vaporization products.

For example, CBD oils for dogs and other animals require the use of products with an undetectable THC content – based on the studies carried out, CBD oil with an isolate is determined as the only safe product for animals, and only this oil can receive a veterinary product label.

CBD oil for dogs 10%

Hemp oil enriched with CBD (10%) for animals Contains 970 mg CBD, veterinary …



CBD oil for dogs 5%

Hemp oil enriched with CBD (5% wt.) – 10 ml A unique nutritional supplement that …





CBD oil for dogs 2%

Hemp oil enriched with CBD (2% wt.) – 10 ml A unique nutritional supplement that …


A full range of

Full spectrum CBD oils contain CBD and all other cannabinoids (including THC), terpenes and fatty acids naturally found in the hemp plant.

Full spectrum oils contain the same substances as the entire hemp plant – none of the cannabinoids or other compounds are removed, only the THC is chromatographically reduced to a legal and non-psychoactive level.

The benefit of full spectrum CBD oil is that many other chemical compounds and cannabinoids from the whole plant have medicinal properties. For example, terpenes found in the hemp plant are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. It is believed that other cannabinoids enhance the overall benefits of CBD consumption.

A 2005 study found that CBD oil with whole plant extract had more therapeutic potential than CBD alone. Because the oil contains all the cannabinoids and other chemical compounds, you get a positive chemical synergy effect called the companion effect or “entourage” effect.

Wide spectrum

Broad spectrum CBD oil is a cross between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oil. It contains all cannabinoids and other chemical compounds except THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is not as easy to find as other types of CBD oil, but you can find it in Cannadorra! Like its counterparts, broad-spectrum CBD oil goes through a conventional extraction process. For places where THC is illegal, the benefit of broad-spectrum CBD oil is that the THC is removed from the extract during the final processing steps.


The choice of CBD oil is always yours. In the Russian Federation and CIS countries, where THC is completely prohibited, preference is given to CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD oil. For your pets – only approved veterinary products with undetectable amounts of THC (CBD isolate).

If you are buying CBD oil, always choose carefully who you buy the product from. Analysis and full product information are a must, including whether it is a full spectrum, isolated or broad spectrum product.