Benefits of using CBD spray

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Bottle of CBD spray imperceptible and portableso it’s great for travel. Spray has mint flavor, which will take care of the freshness of your breath. This makes it a great companion not only for smokers who need to freshen their breath and suppress bad breath, but also for those who want to enjoy the benefits of using CBD.

What are the most common benefits of using CBD spray?

1. Spray is better tolerated by patients with nausea

Patients suffering from nausea and anorexia often find that conventional anti-nausea medications are not suitable for them. Due to the difficulty in swallowing capsules or tablets due to frequent vomiting, spraying CBD becomes a suitable alternative. His use is simple and fast. Intestinal absorption of CBD in these patients may be limited, in which case oral administration may be the best way to take CBD. At the same time, it also promotes appetite, so its use in these cases is highly recommended.

2. CBD spray provides a relatively fast onset of effect

There are many ways to use CBD. Each one has a different onset of action and also differs in duration.

CBD capsules provide the longest duration of action, but they take longer to take effect. Conversely, CBD vaporization of liquids with vaporizers provides the fastest, but a relatively short effect. The spray has a very fast onset of action, as the CBD it contains is easily and quickly absorbed through the mouth. If you leave the CBD to act under the tongue, the onset of action will be much faster than if you swallowed a tablet.

Vaporization still has the fastest onset of effect, but the use of a CBD spray comes in second.

3. Dose control

Oral CBD spray also has a significant advantage over capsules in the ability to control dosage. Thus, a patient suffering from acute problems can use CBD spray until they feel the desired relief. Thus, he himself regulates the required dose. This again is suitable for people with psychological problems. There is no specific recommended dosage – you must determine the ideal amount for you by gradually increasing the dose. We recommend starting with a small dose, such as one spray, and gradually increase it until the effect is felt.

4.Easy for internal and external use

You can safely use CBD mouth spray internally and externally. The spray can be used on the skin for irritations such as psoriasis and other skin conditions. It is easy to use. The classic “pump” dispenser allows you to quickly and accurately inject the drug directly under the tongue. If you wait 1 minute before swallowing, the required amount of CBD will be absorbed directly through the salivary glands. This dosage is suitable, for example, for children who often find it difficult to swallow tablets.

Shake the bottle well before each use to mix the contents evenly.

5. Regular oral care

It is especially suitable for:

  • problems with aftas
  • tooth and gum sensitivity
  • inflammations
  • the presence of sore spots from dentures
  • problems with dental implants

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