Cannabis myths

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Since the 20th century, cannabis began to gain popularity as a drug. Everyone uses it: whites and blacks, Russians and Colombians, old people and teenagers, women and men. The spread of this soft drug has led to all sorts of research, experiments and a lot of false information that people still believe in. False facts are generated either specifically to reduce the demand for cannabis, or due to a lack of qualifications of specialists conducting research. In any case, myths exist and must be dispelled before all of humanity believes in the deadly effects of cannabis and abandons it.

Why you shouldn’t give up cannabis

By the way, since ancient times, our ancestors used marijuana in the textile, food, chemical and other industries. They made sails for ships from it, sewed clothes, the first paper money was also from hemp. In the Soviet Union, hemp was widely used, it was valued on a par with wheat and sunflowers. In the middle of the 20th century, a monument was even erected in honor of wheat, sunflower and hemp to show their importance for the economy of the USSR. However, after the 1961 UN convention, many countries reduced the share of this crop in the industry or completely stopped using it. States have lost a lot of quality products in order to keep the economy at the same level, governments had to look for another plant, which created some difficulties. With the complete abandonment of marijuana, the economy will suffer.

One of the negative consequences of giving up cannabis is also, in the truest sense of the word, the poisoning of relaxation lovers. Now people smoke natural hemp for relaxation, a plant without any impurities that is not harmful to health. Without this product, humanity will poison its body with all sorts of chemicals, harmful mixtures. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to dispel in the minds of people those stereotypes that make them neglect a harmless product.

Marijuana impairs memory

Yes, indeed, cannabis impairs memory, we disperse. In fact, not everything is so simple. During intoxication, that is, poisoning, cannabis can affect short-term memory, but this is quite rare. Tell me, when was the last time one of your friends was poisoned by an ordinary joint? That’s the same. Modern science does not have reliable data on the harmful effects of marijuana on human memory, so you can safely doubt this statement.

Dangerous substance in marijuana quickly becomes physically addictive

The dangerous substance is tetrahydrocannabinol, which has been accused of negative effects on the body for many years. There is no scientific evidence to back this up, and no reputable scientist has found a link between THC and addiction. There is no evidence, hence the claim remains a myth.

Cannabis changes hormonal status

In the last third of the 20th century, scientists conducted a study that confirmed the negative effects of cannabis on sex hormones. Anyone who claims this to be true is either a liar or someone who hasn’t read the news since the 1970s. Modern studies have refuted these data, but confirmed the harmful effect of alcohol on sex hormones. If a drinking person talks about the dangers of cannabis, you can conduct an educational program for him.

Marijuana makes people irritable criminals

According to the adherents of this myth, it turns out that cannabis is more dangerous than alcoholic beverages? Of course, this is not true. Just cannabis relaxes the body, dispels bad thoughts, allows a person to relax, and alcohol overshadows the mind, makes you commit rash (often illegal) actions, and causes physical dependence.

Cannabis overdose possible

And we can immediately say that this is an erroneous statement, not supported by any facts. As of 2019, not a single lethal outcome from cannabis overdose has been documented. A lethal dose for humans has not yet been established, but tests have been conducted on mice. For rodents, an overdose occurs when the content of marijuana in the body in a ratio of 1:40,000. Once again, you can be convinced of the dangers of alcohol by looking at its lethal dose – 1:4.

Cannabis is a threat to health

The statement is also unreliable, there are only guesses, assumptions, stereotypes. However, this cannot be denied with absolute certainty, because there is no evidence to the contrary either. Cannabis lovers can cite the medicinal properties of the “green” crop as an argument. Unfortunately, this is not an argument, since for medical use the plant undergoes special processing, the necessary proportions of substances are calculated, and other important points are taken into account. If you just smoke cannabis and thereby burn useful components, it is not known how this will affect health.

Marijuana damages the brain

Smoking cannabis does not produce toxins that kill brain cells, unlike drinking alcoholic beverages. An experiment was conducted, according to the results of which the researchers did not find a violation of brain receptors and cell destruction with prolonged use of cannabis. There is some truth in this myth: smokers do change the brain due to increased activity of alpha waves, but this is a positive change. A similar effect can be achieved through meditation, relaxation, creativity.

Cannabis smoking causes sexual problems

Several studies have been carried out, but so far there is no confirmation of this hypothesis. One such study was conducted in 1980, during which it was found that marijuana affects the germ cells of monkeys and other animals, but there is no such evidence for the effects on humans.

Cannabis use leads to increased feelings of laziness and decreased productivity in life

Many smokers really like to lie down, relax after another puff, while at the same time there are people who prefer to rest after eating any food, but this does not mean that food should be banned. Moreover, the effect depends on the specific variety of marijuana. Indica suggests the onset of calm, relaxation, peace, even drowsiness. Such varieties are suitable for people who want to relax, tired of the routine. Sativa, on the contrary, makes a hyperactive child out of a person, fills him with energy, a desire to engage in vigorous activity. It is not for nothing that many creative individuals, such as artists, writers, musicians, use cannabis.


It is not clear how people can still believe in such obvious cannabis myths without substantial evidence. This is at least strange, but at the most scary, because you can say anything to them, and they will believe. There is an opinion that this is a targeted campaign against marijuana, carried out by manufacturers of alcoholic beverages. The purpose of propaganda is to take cannabis off the market for relaxing products, to monopolize it, so that all the income goes to the producers of alcohol, more harmful than cannabis. In every controversy, demand evidence, facts, scientific research, and other arguments.