CBD coconut oil – new at a great price!

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CBD coconut oil – what is it?

CBD coconut oil is produced according to a secret recipe from BIO hemp CBD, BIO coconut oil and cold pressed BIO quality hemp oil. It is a unique product with maximum digestibility and content CBD – 1000 mg of CBD in one jar.

The CBD structure of coconut oil can vary depending on the temperature at which it is stored. The reason is coconut oil, which melts at 25 ° C. In the cold, it “hardens”, and in the heat it “melts”. In this regard, it is recommended Store the product at room temperature around 20°C.

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What makes CBD coconut oil unique?

Its advantage is the processing method. We are talking about natural, manual work, when everything that is in it is taken from the grass. This is the main difference, for example, from other CBD products that are processed in the laboratory by machines. In addition, it has a wonderful coconut aroma and taste. The smell is already relaxing :-).

Who is CBD coconut oil suitable for?

CBD coconut oil is a great alternative to classic CBD oils. The advantage is especially its coconut taste and its tough structure, which allows us to eat it with a spoon and add it to cold and hot dishes.

For CBD to work properly, it must be absorbed through the intestinal wall. Using CBD coconut oil with other fats, its efficiency increases to three once!

Thus, CBD coconut oil is suitable for anyone who appreciates its coconut taste and way of use. Using CBD has never been so easy and delicious. Kids will love it too!

Effects of CBD coconut oil

  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system
  • Inflammation healing
  • Metabolism improvement
  • Excellent dietary supplement for autism
  • Dietary supplement for the prevention of cancer and epilepsy
  • Pain Reduction
  • Help with fear, anxiety and depression
  • It has a beneficial effect on the natural defenses of the body and its cells
  • Promotes hair growth, nails and human skin health
  • Harmonizes natural processes in the body
  • It has a positive effect on muscle and joint function

The truth is that CBD coconut oil has beneficial effects on a number of diseases that we cannot mention here. There is nothing left but to try it and add your own experience.

CBD coconut oil – application

As with other CBD products and coconut oil, how you use it is critical. We have summarized the most common use of coconut oil CBD.

How can you enjoy CBD coconut oil? Take it on a spoon and just eat it 🙂
It is best to use not metal spoons, but wooden ones.

You can add it to prepared meals/drinks or cook with them.

It can be added to sauces, salads, cocktails, etc.

  • Additive for coffee and tea

You can add a spoonful of CBD coconut oil to your coffee or tea.

  • Massage Oil

Another advantage over regular CBD oils is that CBD coconut oil can be smeared on the skin. The oil penetrates deeper into the skin and is therefore effective as an ointment. The oil can also be used to treat wounds, cuts, and burns. Can be used for chronic pain or arthritis.

As you know, coconut oil has the ability to be absorbed directly into the skin. This fabulous ability puts it at the forefront when it comes to massage products – heat-cooling and regenerating.

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Do not forget

When determining the correct dose, remember: “Less is sometimes more.” Therefore, take a smaller dose and divide it into several daily portions.