CBD oil and epilepsy in dogs – the real story of boxer Hugo!

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How it all began – Hyuga’s story

My name is Hugo. I am a 5 year old boxer and have been diagnosed with epilepsy. I can’t even remember when my head started shaking uncontrollably, but when my mistress Pavlina took me in four years ago, she knew about all my problems – that is, about my seizures.

Seizures were very infrequent at first (3 in half a year?), but as I got older (and wiser), the frequency of seizures increased to 2 per month. Last fall, I had a series of 5 attacks in a week, and it was decided – we need to do something about it.

History Hugo

We went through the classic circle: our veterinarian is a professional canine neurologist. The solution was to state that the attacks were not yet strong enough to start taking medication.

Want to see what my “attack” looked like? Press here.

CBD oil – an assistant at the right time

But just try to tell my mistress that she must sit back while the situation worsens! So she began to search, to learn, to ask. And as on a call at a dog show (yes, I sometimes allow her to admire other dogs), we met a representative of Cannadorra Lutsk, who presented us with a range of products and, among other things, informed us about the 5% CBD oil for animals, with which she had very good experience in treating a dog with epilepsy. Immediately pShe also advised me on the choice of oil concentration depending on my weight. That’s a coincidence, isn’t it? Probably, as you understand, in the evening I became an experimental rabbit.

We started with 1 drop early and 1 in the evening. The goal was to find a dosage that would limit or completely stop my seizures. The first evening Pavlina carefully watched me and what the CBD oil would do to me. Fortunately, everything was in order – I just fell asleep.

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On the third day I had a new attack. Well, nothing, I quickly recovered, since I received an additional drop as soon as the attacks began.

In the same week we continued with the same dosage, but almost immediately it was clear that after a week the dosage would need to be increased. Just in case, Pavlina discussed everything with Lucia, since we had a business card.

We came to the dosage of 2 + 2 drops around the middle of December 2018 and since that time there has not been NOT A SINGLE ATTACK! The peacock is just in seventh heaven, just like me with her.

What about a funny story? Did something happen? :)

But how! Peacock, of course, is not always neat, so after 14 days she managed to turn the bottle over and half of the contents ended up on the carpet. Of course, she was sorry that after 1.5 months she would have to buy new ones, but the worst thing was that I asked for this place. Although she drove me away, I managed to lick off a larger amount. Now what? Will the whole world be pink? Will there be hallucinations? Or will I sleep until the morning?

Boksyor Hugo S Epilepsieyej

I must disappoint you, nothing much happened. I was a little more cheerful and maybe a little hyperactive, but it only lasted a minute. After that, I became just plain good old Hugo, a five-year-old boxer with epilepsy who now feels like he's in a resort. So keep my fingers crossed!

Under dictation I wrote (and ordered the next oil) Pavlin Gublov,
Owner of blogger-boxer Hugo