Denmark will pay for the sick medicinal preparations from cannabis

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Many patients suffering from severe pain or serious illness are advised to use medicinal products made from cannabis.

Denmark agrees to fully cover the costs of recreational patients

The practice varies in each country, but in Denmark the government and the largest opposition party have agreed to cover the overall cost of these products. Even for this year, despite the fact that the new law will enter into force only on January 1, 2019.

The Danish government, with the help of the opposition Danish People’s Party (the second strongest political entity in the country), agreed in March and subsequently approved a new law that would allow patients to reimburse cannabis drugs from the beginning of next year.

In addition, the government announced that patients will be reimbursed for this year’s expenses related to this treatment this year as well.

public support

“We are going to pay retrospectively the costs for the entire year of 2018 to very sick patients or people who are dying and may benefit from medical cannabis.” said Ellen Trane Nurby, local health minister.

Interestingly, this step is accompanied not only by great support from the public, but also from the majority of political parties.

Patient subsidies will be managed by the state-owned Danish Medicines Agency (Lægemiddelstyrelsen).

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