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The best alternative to CBD oils is CBD capsules.

Maximum CBD Potency

Taking CBD capsules contributes to the overall harmonization of the body, digestion, better health and immunity. The capsules contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and, when combined with coconut oil, provide maximum CBD bioavailability.

Clear and precise dosing

Each capsule contains exactly 10 mg CBD – therefore, unlike drops, dosing is precise and absolutely simple. The capsules are small and therefore easy to swallow. What’s more, Cannadorra’s CBD capsules are vegan.

CBD Capsules is a dietary supplement that combines…


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Since CBD capsules resemble traditional pills, they can be easily and safely taken anywhere and in any situation - unlike CBD oil or its vaporization.

Full spectrum of cannabinoids

The hemp plant contains over 120 different cannabinoids, as well as trichomes, various terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals. CBD capsules contain all of these substances in addition to CBD.

And, as is well known, cannabinoids work best together, not in isolation. Therefore, the maximum therapeutic effect can be expected from CBD capsules.

Gradual release of cannabinoids guarantees deeper action

Due to absorption in the stomach, the effect comes later, but the effect lasts longer than oral intake or vaporization. Therefore, we recommend taking the capsules in the evening when it is desirable for the effect to last as long as possible. Capsules are also the number one choice for people who are looking for a more sedative effect from cannabis, or for people suffering from ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease when the active ingredient in capsule form gets closer to the root of the problem and just starts to work in the right place.