What is the difference between sativa and indica

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Once you’ve discovered your talent for progressive horticulture, it’s time to figure out what sativa and indica are – the differences in appearance and effects produced on the body. Coffeeshop® invites you to get acquainted with the features of each type and choose your favorite.

The difference between sativa and indica – external differences

Sativa (Cannabis sativa) differs from Indica (Cannabis indica), as blood sisters differ from each other – they are similar, have common ancestors, but each with its own characteristics and character. Indica and sativa herbs have the following morphological differences:

  • adult bushes indicas take a pyramidal shape with a dense crown. They can grow from 40 cm to 1.5 m, have short internodes and broad, dark green leaves. Indica buds are dense, resinous and heavy. Fluffy tars are formed on them – trichomes, decorating the plant with shiny oily drops. The effect of indica is deeper and stronger than that of sativa, although, of course, it all depends on the strain.
  • bushes sativa tall and stately, can reach 6 m. The branches are located far from each other, so a thin but hard trunk is clearly visible. Leaves with long “fingers” are lighter in color than indica. The buds of the plant gather into fluffy, oblong buds before harvesting, delighting the grower with their excellent THC and CBD content.

Let’s summarize. You won’t be able to figure out how to identify sativa or indica from seeds, but it’s easy from a growing plant. A compact shrub with broad, closely spaced leaves is an indica. A slender and tall shrub with thin, spaced leaves – sativa.

Indica and Sativa – Comparison of Effects

Indica strains are sedative and calming, while sativa strains are cerebral and uplifting. Breeders correct the difference between sativa and indica by creating hybrids. There are many varieties of hydride varieties, and you can choose the effect you want, and our seed shop managers will select the right variety for it.

Features Grove Sativa and Indica

  • indica born in the mountains of India and Afghanistan, accustomed to the winds and cold nights, therefore suitable for growing in the northern regions. During flowering, it smells stronger than sativa, which means that indoors you will have to think about installing an air filtration system. This smell is designed to control insects that do not often pester the bushes. Indica almost does not get sick and, in general, with the observance of the basic recommendations for the correct grow, it is very independent, which is why beginner growers love it.
  • Sativa grows freely, reaches for the sun and loves when it is warmer. Due to her high growth, she is suitable for out, but in spacious grow rooms, she is also not averse to spreading her leaves and presenting promising buds to an attentive owner. Sativa is more difficult to grow than indica, because you have to protect it from diseases, pests more often, and sativa itself is more capricious. It is usually chosen by those growers who have already got their hands on it and are ready to get a new skill.

Where to buy sativa and indica seeds in Ukraine

Despite the richness of the effects produced by adult plants, hemp seeds do not contain prohibited substances, so they can be ordered in our online store. Their purchase is equivalent to the purchase of superfoods, such as chia seeds or flax. Often they are purchased as food for animals, birds, fish. Hemp is often used to isolate oils and enrich cosmetics, both of which are legal activities. That is why you can buy cannabis sativa seeds or indica seeds in Kiev in any quantity.

We offer favorable prices for cannabis seeds in Ukraine. To protect the data of buyers, we delete the information from the database immediately after sending the goods, so cooperating with Coffeeshop® is not only profitable, but also as safe as possible.