4 simple steps to health with cannabis

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Although questions about marijuana are very popular lately, this article will not deal with it. You better learn about the positive effects of agricultural hemp varieties and how to use it to improve your health.

Hemp tea for deeper sleep

Brew a cup of hemp tea every evening (one tablespoon of hemp flowers pour 300 ml of hot water) and drink it an hour before bedtime. Hemp tea will calm your nervous system to make your sleep more relaxed.

When your body is better rested, the immune system can start functioning properly again. Relaxation and relaxation in today’s time, which is also overwhelmed with stress, is the key to a healthy life. Hemp tea is a 100% natural remedy for relaxation and relaxation.

Get Energetic with Cannabis

There is no better breakfast than a glass of hemp gainer (20 g of hemp mixed with any plant-based milk and a banana). Hemp Gainer is a mixture of hemp protein, malt and rice milk powder. Your body will receive the highest quality protein, and malt will give you long-term energy. However, you will feel ease in the stomach, because the hemp gainer is very easy to digest. Hemp bars are a great snack while working or exercising.

With this diet, you will energy throughout the day, and your mood will naturally improve.

Hemp protein for regeneration

Hemp protein is obtained from hemp seeds and is one of the highest quality proteins. It contains 50% vegetable protein, 23 natural amino acids, a large amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Prepare a protein drink every evening (20 grams of protein mixed with any plant-based milk or water) or add protein to yogurt. It goes well with bean soups (pea, lentil) and is suitable for sweet pastries – pancakes, pancakes, etc.

After a few days you will notice that your muscles gain strength, since good protein is their main building material.

Hemp seeds and hemp oil for the proper functioning of the brain and heart

Hemp seeds and hemp oil are the best source of omega 3, 6 and 9 unsaturated fatty acids and are very important for the proper functioning of the human body – especially for the brain and heart, as they are indispensable (we get them only through food). Cold pressed hemp oil is the best alternative to fish oil. Use hemp oil daily in salads instead of olive oil. You’ll love its nutty flavor, and you’ll also get all the essential fatty acids and other important vitamins and minerals.

Hemp seeds (kernels) can be enjoyed every day, anywhere.

Hemp seeds and hemp oil are the best food for the human body.

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