Can children be given cannabidiol?

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Every day more and more parents are interested in CBD and whether it is possible to give it to children.
A small spoiler: you can and should!

What’s more, medical potency! CBD began to open up thanks to children! Or rather, thanks to Charlotte Figi. The girl suffered from severe epilepsy attacks since childhood. Parents, having not found a drug that could help her for many years, decided on a desperate experiment – to try giving the girl CBD. Parents were shocked – the drug reduced the number of seizures in Charlotte to a minimum! “Now this is a completely different girl. We would never have thought that a cannabis product would give our girl a chance to survive, ”comments Charlotte’s mother Charlotte almost completely got rid of a serious illness, and the manufacturers dubbed this drug in her honor “Charlotte’s Web” (Charlotte’s Web). In addition to epilepsy, CBD is also used to treat ADHD, autism, neurosis, and other diseases in children. It perfectly improves sleep, relieves pain, improves memory!

CBD is also an excellent immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory agent.

CBD is also used to improve appetite and normal digestion.

Parents should clearly understand that CBD and THC are different things!
CBD is not addictive, they can not be poisoned or cause an overdose!