CBD extract – alcohol or CO2?

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Alcohol vs CO2

It is necessary to mention the main differences between these two solvents. Let’s start with alcohol. Alcohol has its origin in organic material as it is mainly produced by the fermentation of plants. Unlike CO2, which is a poisonous gas. 8-10% concentration of CO2 in the air causes nausea, unconsciousness and eventually death. These are the most obvious facts.

More important to the mining itself is that CO2 releases only non-polar chemical bonds, where alcohol releases both polar and non-polar chemical bonds.

Simply put, alcohol releases more substances than CO2. EThe same applies to hemp plants. Alcohol is a solvent made from plants for plants.

CBD from alcohol extraction is better

As noted above (and in the resources below), isolation with alcohol provides more complex compounds. And this is especially important for hemp plants, because they contain a very wide range of different substances, some of which have not yet been studied. Especially substances soluble in water, various oils, polysaccharides, acids, etc.

Water-soluble substances are very important, since the human body is 70% water, and this facilitates their absorption. The release of CO2 thus misses many of the valuable compounds that are hidden in hemp.

CBD and its absorption

Another important thing about the extraction from alcohol is the esterification of organic acids. Esterification occurs when organic acids (such as CBDa and other acidic forms of cannabinoids) react with alcohol.

The extracted esters are water soluble and make the extract easier to absorb into the human body. In other words, alcohol-extracted CBD is more bioavailable and therefore has more medical potential.