“CBD vaporization helps my body regenerate better,” says wrestler Dusan Pala

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Dusan, introduce yourself, please. What are you doing?

Greetings to all readers and fans of CBD products. My name is Dušan Pala and I am an MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling coach at one of the most successful clubs in the Czech Republic called DSC GYM Ceska Trebova. I am European vice-champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, vice-champion of the Czech Republic in master class in grappling and Czech champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

How did you find out about CBD?

Actually, I found out about CBD products and how they can be used in sports by accident, so I sat down at the computer and searched for all the information about CBD. I never ceased to be amazed at how much there is, and how everything is used, etc. And most of all I was interested in how and in what form CBD can help me in training and subsequent post-workout regeneration, relaxation and general relaxation.

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Why Cannadorra?

At first, Cannadorra impressed me with their incredibly large range, and I felt that they knew what they were talking about and what they were doing. Therefore, to establish cooperation with Cannadorra was a clear choice, an honor and a pleasure. In order to continue to train and improve, it is important for me to surround myself and work with professionals, and they, without a doubt, are.

Did you stumble upon their online consultation?

Exactly. I found their advice center and was advised to vaporize CBD e-liquids during my post-workout recovery program. I really liked the idea, we agreed on a 14-day test of CBD vaporization.


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And how did your testing end?

I would say very positively :-) I tried to vaporize mainly after training, but also on non-training days, so that I could somehow evaluate the effect. What really surprised me and what I would not have believed until recently if I had not tried it is excellent ability of CBD to relax muscles after training. Relaxation comes slowly, and regeneration goes hand in hand with relaxation. What's great is that anyone who's ever experienced a hard and difficult workout knows what it's like to go home all the way and just fall into bed. And vaporization personally relaxes me very much and harmonizes the soul and body.

Has CBD had any impact in addition to athletic regeneration?

Yes - for a dream, and this surprised me very much. Ever since I've been vaping, I've been sleeping peacefully and relaxed. And especially in the morning I feel fresh. Even my back pain is gone!

Dushan Pala

"Since I've been vaporizing, I've been sleeping peacefully and relaxed.."

What would you like to convey to anyone who is thinking about vaporizing CBD and hasn't made up their mind yet?

Be sure to try! It doesn't matter if your focus is post-workout relaxation or just relaxing. TOP is a variety of tasteful, stylish and functional products. Plus, you can vaporize anytime, anywhere. And a big plus is that vaporization "does not smell". What does it mean that you can vaporize at home or in the office...

We thank Dusan, and look forward to his next hemp protein review :-).