CBD oil is not a drug

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Hemp, cannabis are terms that most people associate with drugs. Society has really learned to get a “high” out of almost anything. However, as a rule, this “anything” is not at all to blame for the weaknesses of a person. Another thing is when nature gives us the opportunity to use it for the sake of good, for the sake of our own health. As the famous Paracelsus said – everything is poison and everything is medicine, but it depends on the dose.

Hemp is no exception in this case. Just what do we really know about this plant?

Let’s turn to specialists who are professionally engaged in the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp in optimal climatic and environmental conditions, from which oil with the content of substances beneficial to health is subsequently produced. Namely, with the leaders of the company “Medisra Group” – Yulia Dubova and Doctor of Medicine Viktor Dubov.

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— Julia, what exactly does your company do?

— Our company «Medisra Group» is engaged in the processing of industrial hemp. There are a lot of rumors about cannabis. It is important to explain a lot and dispel the fog of incompetent conjectures. We are now talking about cannabis, which contains almost no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol – THC), which is associated with drugs. Let’s clarify. Industrial hemp is used in various forms. For example, hemp oil is squeezed out of the seeds, which is used as food. Leaves and flowers are used for food supplements. Everyone knows hemp tea. Hemp is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, and veterinary medicine. The stem is used for a variety of other purposes (hemp, textiles, thermal insulation, and much more. That is, hemp is used from root to top. It is an absolutely waste-free material.

Today we will be talking about the use of color and leaf which contain cannabinoids which are used to treat various ailments. The plant contains over 160 types of various cannabinoids. The most popular of these is CBD/CBD (cannabidiol). Since December 2023, the UN resolution has been officially adopted that CBD / CBD is not a drug in any of its forms. It has been proven that CBD does not cause a psychotropic effect and is not addictive. On the contrary, it has been proven that taking CBD reduces people’s tolerance for alcohol and smoking.

In addition to CBD, hemp also contains THC, which is a psychotropic substance with a narcotic effect. In this regard, the EU and other developed countries have introduced regulations for the cultivation of certain varieties of hemp and have included this in the permitted register. In almost all European countries, the permitted level of THC should not exceed 0.2 percent. Excluding countries such as Italy (0.6 percent), Austria (0.3%) and Switzerland (1%). As for Ukraine and other CIS countries, the level of THC here is allowed up to 0.1%.

After we receive cannabis from our farmers, it goes through a separation process, namely, we separate the seeds, color, leaf from the stem. From the latter we make biomass, which later goes to the production of CBD oils.

What is CBD oil and what is the production process?

There are a number of ways to get oil. The most popular of them are two types. With the use of ethanol, which is practiced by many companies. That is, for this, a chemical solvent is used – alcohol. This is a simpler, cheaper, but less environmentally friendly type of oil extraction. The second method is CO2 extraction (carbon dioxide) which we use. This method is absolutely environmentally friendly and the oil is of the best quality. And since we use organic soil and organic fertilizers for cultivation, the oil turns out to be an absolutely organic product. Our oil is bottled and packaged at a pharmaceutical plant according to all the standards of pharmaceutical companies. We are one of the few who have EU GMP certificates. That is, our oil is registered as a cosmetic product and as a food additive (BAA).

How is this oil taken?

– The most optimal intake of oil is inside under the tongue. Maybe external use in the form of creams and ointments for the treatment of skin diseases. It’s no secret that cannabis can be smoked. Some people prefer vaping, and some people smoke cannabis flowers containing CBD. Our preference is oral, sublingual (under the tongue) intake.
There are companies that make gelatin capsules filled with CBD oil. Many people like it, as there is no bitterness from the taste. But at the same time, when it enters the stomach, the oil is destroyed by the action of gastric juices and no more than 30% of the required dose is absorbed.
Flavored oils have also appeared on the market. We strongly oppose the use of flavored oils, as chemical flavorings change the chemical composition of the oils and reduce the therapeutic effect of the oils. It’s not candy, it’s medicine.

After taking the oil, the effect occurs after 30-40 minutes and lasts for 8 hours. If a person has chronic pain and a reduction in pain is required, then it can be divided into a three-time intake. For insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic syndrome, we recommend a single dose 2-3 hours before bedtime.

What is the dose? There is no specific answer to this question. The effect of cannabinoids on a person is absolutely individual. Therefore, on the market for sale, we see oils of various concentrations – from 2% to 30% and more. We produce oil in three concentrations – 5%, 10% and 15%, which contain 500, 1000 and 1500 mg of CBD, respectively. Each bottle contains a graduated pipette where the middle division is the daily dose.


What brought you personally to this business?

— Our knowledge and extensive experience in medicine allowed us to study in more depth the mechanisms of action of cannabinoids and their impact on various diseases. Hemp itself is a unique plant. Plant cannabinoids and human endocannabinoids are exactly the same. There are no other similar plants in nature. This prompted us to a more serious study of the issue, both on the cultivation and on the use of hemp products.
We studied different regions in which hemp was grown, and Croatia seemed to us the most relevant due to its ecology, location and legalization.

— For the uninitiated, can you elaborate on the types and varieties of hemp that you use?

– There are varieties that are in the register, that is, allowed in the EU. Croatia is part of the EU, so it must adhere to these laws. One of the most popular strains that contains low levels of THC is Futura-75. This variety is stable, adapted to climatic conditions, gives good yields. This is a variety with which it is very convenient to work, because. the percentage of the ratio of CBD to THC is in such proportions that in the process of oil extraction there is no need to additionally remove the forbidden THC.

– Again, we emphasize that this variety cannot be considered a drug.

– Not. It is not considered a drug. And it’s not medical cannabis. It’s not marijuana. All varieties that we use for the production of oil practically do not contain psychotropic drugs. Again, this is called industrial hemp (hemp) – a term to remember for those who can be misled and those who are poorly versed in this area. When talking about hemp, everyone in the world understands that it is not about a drug.

Why isn’t hemp a drug?

– It all depends on the percentage of TCG in the plant.


Are there any side effects of using this cannabis? Maybe someone shouldn’t use it?

You can’t overdose on CBD. And the majority of the population has no contraindications. But we do not recommend the use of CBD in pregnant women and children, except in cases where CBD is the drug of choice, in particular in the treatment of childhood epilepsy.

— A person who wants to buy oil goes online, his eyes widen. Different prices, different names, different packages. It is easy to get lost in the abundance of offers. He is simply lost and needs guidance in order to make the right choice. Help me figure this out.

– First of all, you need to trust those oils that have passed the tests. How to do it? Each package must be marked with a serial number and date of manufacture. These two parameters must match the cannabinoid tests included with the product. Many companies do not have such tests and, as a rule, such oil is much cheaper than the market price. Without such analyzes (certificate of conformity), it is forbidden to buy oil. Anything can be in this bottle.

Second moment. The quality of the oil also depends on the content of cannabinoids inside, namely, the full spectrum oil (full spectrum) includes all the cannabinoids present in this plant, as well as terpenes that are responsible for the taste of each variety. When choosing oils, this is also worth paying attention to. There is an oil on the market that says 0% THC on the packaging. Typically, this oil is made from crystals (isolate). It is cheaper, but also less effective.

– What else do you need to pay attention to?

– You need to pay attention to what basis the oil is made of. As a rule, a very high concentration of oil comes out of the extractor – more than 80% CBD. We use hempseed oil for dilution. There are companies that use MTC (coconut) or olive oil for this. We believe that oil diluted with hemp oil, made from the same plant, will be much more beneficial. In addition, on the label, in addition to the percentage of CBD, its quantitative content in milligrams should also be indicated. Good oil can’t be cheap. We advise you to go through the sites and see different prices. Do not consider those prices that are strikingly different from the average.


– You have competitors. Why is your oil better?

Yes, we have competitors. And this is good, because we are for healthy competition, which encourages the production of a better product at a more competitive price. Different companies produce oils with different tastes and from different varieties, and each buyer finds a company to his liking. We ourselves have tried oils from various companies with a good reputation and I can say that our oil can be put on a par with well-known brands in Europe. Many who have started using it have become our regular customers. We look at this type of business through the eyes of doctors, and it is very important for us that our product brings real benefits and helps people cope with their ailments.

— Tell us in more detail in which areas of medicine CBD oil is used?

The spectrum of diseases is wide. The most effective treatment for chronic pain is to take CBD oil. Chronic pain is very difficult to treat. It can be a migraine, it can be inflammation, arthritis and other diseases that are accompanied by constant fatigue pain.
Secondly, CBD oil relieves anxiety, that is, it is a very good antidepressant. Instead of using addictive antidepressants and other side effects, you can simply take CBD. It will help with insomnia, post-traumatic disorders, panic attacks. There are also more serious diseases that cannot be treated. Such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy. As far as epilepsy is concerned, there is a company that has released a drug called Epidiolex, which consists of almost 100% CBD. This drug has received FDA certification.

Today, doctors use cannabis in various forms to treat cancer patients. This greatly reduces the side effects of chemotherapy, reduces pain, and in some cases leads to a direct therapeutic effect. CBD is also used for diseases of the cardiovascular system, various diseases of the skin and gastrointestinal tract. Varieties are being developed to treat diseases such as Crohn’s disease. This topic is getting more and more developed. The other day, an article was published in Israel, where our colleagues tested how CBD oil affects severe forms of COVID. The results are very good. Taking CBD has been proven to significantly reduce the need to use steroid hormones to treat COVID.
However, pharmaceutical companies are putting a “spike in the wheel” for us because we are their direct competitors. Pharmaceutical companies make fabulous profits from sales of drugs made by chemical means. Our product is absolutely natural, which requires a deeper study and wider use not only in folk, but also in conventional medicine.

Does CBD oil dull cognitive functions?

– Absolutely not. On the contrary, it can calm and promote concentration. In this way, mental activity can be even more effective.

— In what other areas is CBD used?

– Today, CBD has found wide application in cosmetology, veterinary medicine and as an additive to food products, but not as dietary supplements, but, for example, as chocolate with CBD, sweets, coffee, drinks and a number of other products. There are lines of cosmetic products such as CBD-based creams, shampoos, lotions that induce skin rejuvenation, to relieve pigmentation and inflammatory manifestations on the skin. In the veterinary field, there are a huge number of CBD-based products on the market to treat diseases in animals such as arthritis (especially in older and large dogs), to reduce aggression and hyperactivity, and to treat cancer in animals.

– With regard to legalization. How are things in Ukraine with this issue?

— In Ukraine, active work is underway to promote the legalization of CBD. Ukraine is trying to keep up with other EU countries in this matter. As for industrial hemp, today this crop is grown and processed in a number of regions. Therefore, the use of industrial hemp and the implementation of the relevant laws will be much easier.

— Do you have plans to enter the Ukrainian market?

– Certainly. In Ukraine, everything is just beginning in this regard. And it gives good opportunities for development. At the first stage, we are ready to supply oil of our production to Ukraine. In the future, expand production and start producing CBD oils on the territory of Ukraine, using the products of local farmers, which will provide additional jobs, both for people in agriculture and in industry.

In Ukraine today, a lot of low-quality products are sold on the black market. People just don’t know what CBD is and what a quality, safe and healthy product is. Our knowledge in this area will help local producers learn how to grow quality hemp and make quality oils. In medicine, we can start holding conferences, seminars on this topic by Ukrainian specialists, develop joint projects to study the effect of various cannabinoids on diseases and put them into practice.

— What is the real cost of these oils?

— We have already said that high-quality oil cannot be cheap. However, CBD oils are several times cheaper than drugs. If you take a daily therapeutic dose of CBD, then the cost of such treatment will not exceed 1-2 euros per day.

CBD oil is not a panacea for all diseases, but the spectrum of cannabinoids that this oil contains will protect the human body from many ailments in an absolutely safe way for the body.