CBD shows potential in reducing inflammatory bowel disease

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Recent research has shown that cannabidiol (CBD), one of the main therapeutic compounds found in the hemp plant, can help reduce the debilitating symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD-IBD).

Ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s disease are the two major diseases under IBD where CBD has been shown to have great potential.

Rodent research reports have found that CBD not only benefits IBD symptoms, but also shows incredible promise as a possible treatment.

A little about inflammatory bowel disease – IBD

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IBD – not to be confused with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – is a chronic disease that causes inflammation in the digestive tract.

There are two forms of the disease: ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s disease. Ulcerative colitis affects the colon and rectum, while Crohn’s disease affects the entire gastrointestinal tract; from mouth to anus. Most sufferers can only hope to at least control their symptoms, as there is no definitive cure.

Some of the symptoms of IBD include:

  • severe diarrhea
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • colic
  • weight loss
  • malnutrition
  • rectal bleeding
  • eye inflammation

When seizures occur, they are said to be debilitating at best and life threatening at worst. And of the majority of patients who are diagnosed before the age of 30, most sufferers end up living with their disease for decades with little to no relief from these symptoms.

CBD for IBD sufferers

Fortunately, research into the effects of medicinal cannabis has come a long way, and now it is CBD that is making its way, with research to come regarding its therapeutic qualities. The GI Society, the Canadian Society for Gut Research, is just one of the studies leading the way to the use of CBD in IBD.
They reported on studies conducted regarding the use of CBD oil for colitis and “found that administering CBD after the onset of inflammation reduced it and that administering CBD before the onset of inflammation prevented it from occurring altogether.”

Dr. Jordan Tishler, a Harvard Medical Institute physician at Ingale MD Health and Wellness University, also uses this ancient plant, cannabis, to treat a number of ailments, including inflammatory bowel disease. He says that cannabis is much less harmful compared to conventional medicine and claims that he can count patients experiencing negative side effects from cannabis on the fingers of one hand.

Because of this, Dr. Tishler has found that when CBD is given to his patients suffering from forms of IBD, they feel the same or much better, without the excessive side effects caused by conventional pharmaceuticals. While Tischler believes in the benefits of CBD, he also emphasizes the need for careful planning of the regimen, adherence to follow-up by the patient as a search for improvement and relief – as with any other treatment.


  • Dan McMahon, IBD sufferer and writer, wrote for HoneyColony about his experience with CBD oil for ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and IBD symptoms:

“CBD brought me back to normal after so many years of debilitating pain and a pile of prescription drugs that made me feel like I could never get back to my old life again. I was able to come off all my prescription drugs and still use CBD products almost every day.”

  • Many others testify to the benefits of using CBD against colitis (UC) and other diseases with inflammation at its center. Barry, user of CBD oil for ulcerative colitis, explains:

“I am a 59 year old male and I was first diagnosed with UC in the fall of 2015. After losing 50 pounds and feeling suicidal, I read that cannabis can relieve symptoms. I was against the use of conventional medications because of the really terrible side effects, some of which I experienced through the use of mesalamine. I purchased cannabis in July 2016 and smoked, used through a vape and dripped it internally throughout the day and night…I have gained 14kg since October with 2-3 hard stools daily. I am in complete remission and will continue this regimen indefinitely because it really works.”

  • Another UC patient, like Barry, found remarkable relief with the use of CBD:

“It worked!.. I am a 53 year old male diagnosed with severe painful colitis/UC. June 2016, a week in the hospital and two transfusions, lost 13 kg… The local doctor promoted Remicade (Infliximab). There were two treatments and a severe allergic reaction during the third infusion that made me try cannabis for the first time in my life. I stopped taking all my medications and smoked four puffs at night before bed. I can literally feel how my colon relaxes after smoking, and after a few days, bowel movements are corrected and calmed down … a good diet along with nightly cannabis. No problems and good stool for 4 months already.”

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