CBD study: Nearly half of CBD users have stopped taking conventional medications

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Recently, the largest survey on the use of CBD was implemented and it turned out that more men and women are starting to use this substance as an alternative to conventional treatment. This study also found that after using CBD, over time, patients were able to completely wean themselves off traditional medications. And almost all the people who participated in the study claim that CBD is a very effective drug.

CBD study: Nearly half of CBD users have stopped taking conventional medications

Subsequent research has also helped support the fact that more and more people are choosing to use cannabidiol (CBD) products over traditional medications.

CBD is more effectivethan conventional painkillers, and, moreover, is a purely natural substance.

This study was conducted by the Brightfield Group and HelloMD and included 2,400 people. HelloMD is a group that brings together cannabis patients and doctors who prescribe and trust it.

In order to understand why so many people trust and use CBD, we will answer a few questions.

Who Uses CBD?

It should be said in advance that there are many varieties of cannabis varieties that have different effects on the human body.

While the other common cannabinoid (THC) is predominantly associated with psychoactive effects and gives a “smoky” feeling, CBD is considered potential cure for many different diseases.

68% of CBD hemp users use THC-dominated products.

In cases where CBD is not completely curative, it, in particular, relieves pain, inflammation, anxiety, seizures and cramps without the user experiencing confusion or euphoria.

Although there is a stigma associated with female drug use, the fact remains that 55% of drug users are women, at least according to this survey.

  • 43% users of CBD or cannabis with CBD are now using cannabis instead of other drugs to relieve the symptoms of diseases,
  • 40% CBD users are now only using hemp instead of other drugs to treat their illnesses.

Products with THC are preferred mainly by men. People who used CBD and who participated in the study suffered from the following diseases:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Joint pain
  • chronic pain
  • Schizophrenia
  • PTSD
  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy and other neurological disorders


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Why is it better to use CBD instead of traditional medicines?

CBD is widely used in the US and this trend has been going on for several years now. In addition, most people choose to use CBD instead of classic drugs because it can replace several pharmaceuticals at once.

CBD is used against many diseases and at the same time remains one of the natural products. It is much more effective for people suffering from mood swings and anxiety disorders.

  • Joint pain and inflammation: Only 48% of patients treat their pain/inflammation with THC-dominant products, compared to about 54% of CBD-treated users
  • Migraine: 38% of users treat migraines with CBD-rich products, 35% of users use cannabis with CBD, and 34% of users mainly use THC
  • Severe/chronic pain: 28% of patients treat chronic pain with THC-dominated cannabis, 32% who use CBD-dominant products
  • Arthritis: 24% of patients treat arthritis with THC-dominated hemp products, 28% of CBD-dominant product users, and 31% of CBD-dominated cannabis users
  • Nausea: 26% of users treat nausea with CBD alone and cannabis with CBD 31%

If we want to compare the amount of CBD needed to alleviate pain, depression, and inflammation in cancer patients with the large number of different analgesics produced by pharmaceutical companies, it is clear that CBD has a future in pain management and this is due to its very low risk of side effects.

No negative effects of CBD for human organs has not been shown, while for industrial pharmaceuticals adversely affect the kidneys or liver with prolonged use.

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The impact of CBD on health

It turned out that CBD has a positive and protective effect on the human brain. It also has anti-cancer properties and is therefore recommended for diagnosed patients.

Due to its many benefits, there is an increasing number of people using CBD. It is not just a cure for those who are seriously ill, but also for others who want to take care of their health.

Approximately 66% of CBD users stated that products containing CBD are "more efficient" or even "much more efficient" to relieve the symptoms of the disease than over-the-counter drugs. And to be more specific:

  • 67% users of CBD and CBD-dominated products
  • 69% among cannabis users

CBD is known to have a beneficial effect on rebalancing homeostasis and lowering high blood pressure. It is more effective than conventional painkillers, which only relieve pain.

No studies have shown the negative effects of CBD (apart from a few mild side effects).