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Hemp CBD vaporization vs. CBD e-liquids

Surely, you have already tried both methods, or you have already decided which of the two suits you best. Let’s briefly recap the difference between cannabis vaporization and e-liquids.

CBD e-liquid combines a blend of hemp terpenes, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. CBD hemp grass is a specially modified hemp herb that is bred for vaporization.

Thus, liquid vaporization is suitable for those who like a choice of many flavors, and they are more like a smaller CBD vaporizer that fills with liquid, while a cannabis vaporizer is suitable for true connoisseurs who want to fully enjoy CBD herb, and with Possibility to supplement with other herbs.

New in CBD e-liquid vaporization

Our range previously consisted of only 4 different flavored e-liquids with 0.5% CBD.


Original price before discount€11.99

Price: €9.99

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CBD e-liquid 2%, 10 ml

E-liquid with CBD, suitable for electronic cigarettes or vaporizer, with hemp flavor ...


Price: €19.99

1749.13 ₽

683.86 ₴

Now you can find e-liquid with 1% CBD and even 1% CBG!

CBD liquid 1% Kbg Zhidkost 1

In addition, earlier this year we retired CBD vaporizers because we were not satisfied with their quality. After several weeks of testing, we can present you a new type of CBD vaporizer that is already in our range. Aren't they wonderful?

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New in Hemp CBD Vaporization

The hemp and other herb CBD vaporizer has been in our range for about a year, now it's more effective and easier to use. There have been improvements, such as a strong magnetic connection between the mouthpiece and the device, and an additional airflow filter has been added. In addition to each such vaporizer, the original packaging is free of charge.

Vaporizer Dlia Konopli

CBD hemp for vaporization

For CBD vaporizer for hemp and other herbs - there are 2 types of hemp that can be purchased from our online store.

You can choose between classic hemp or CBD flowers.

Hemp contains up to 4% CBD, while CBD flowers up to 5%!

Konoplia Dlia Vaporizacii

All products have undergone rigorous analytical analysis in certified laboratories. Vaporization is not psychoactive, and CBD hemp and CBD, CBG e-liquids do not intoxicate the human mind.

Limited Edition Herbal Vaporizer!

For all vaping enthusiasts, we would like to announce a competition for a limited edition herbal vaporizer. Classically you can buy a black vaporizer, but the limited edition includes silver vaporizers at a regular price! Be original!

Just place an order for a CBD vaporizer for herbs and other cannabis and write in the notes LIMITED EDITION.

For those in the top ten, we will send a designer silver herb and cannabis vaporizer!

Hemp Vaporizer Limited Edition

Be original with Cannadorra!