Enzymes. What is it and what are they for?

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Fertilizer manufacturers, along with various stimulants as part of their food lines, offer us special enzymes called enzymes. Not everyone knows about their benefits in the growing process. We will reveal this secret in this article.

Many fertilizer manufacturers have an enzyme product in their lineup. For example, Hesi’s Power Zyme, Advanced Nutrients’ Sensizym, or Canna’s Cannazym. These extracts are made with the help of special microorganisms and contain enzymes in natural form.

Enzymes (or enzymes) are specialized catalysts of protein origin, with the help of which most biochemical reactions are carried out in the cells of living organisms. They play a huge role in the metabolism of any living organisms, including plants.

The terms “enzyme” and “enzyme” have long been used as synonyms (the first is mainly in Russian and German scientific literature, the second – in English and French). Enzymes are present in all living cells and contribute to the transformation of some substances into others. For each transformation of one compound into another, its own enzyme is responsible.

It is noteworthy that enzymes retain their activity not only in the microspace of the cell, but also outside the body. Therefore, they have found wide application in such industries as baking, brewing, winemaking, leather and fur production, cheese making, etc. In recent years, enzymes have been used in the fine chemical industry, agriculture, and medicine.

The metabolic products of bacteria are also enzymes. It is they who are offered in their lines by fertilizer manufacturers. These extracts are made with the help of special microorganisms and contain enzymes in natural form. Their role is to break down dead matter into individual elements that plants can then feed on. So, for example, the root system of a plant constantly renews its external part. Old cells die and are replaced by new ones. And the cellulose, which parts of the plant consist of, is converted into sugars that are easily accessible to the plant precisely with the help of the enzymes of some bacteria. Since the plant renews itself constantly, cellulose, which is difficult to decompose, remaining in the nutrient system, can easily be infected by parasites. In addition, rotting parts of the plant weaken the level of oxygen, and therefore affect the health of the root and its ability to absorb in particular. Problems of this nature are exactly what PowerZyme prevents.

The main advantage of the natural enzymes used in it is that no unexpected microorganisms disturb the healthy microflora. Since enzymes are actively involved in the synthesis of the birth and decay of tissue cells, the use of enzymes provides a clean and oxygen-rich nutrition system, strengthens and stimulates root renewal, and increases the plant’s immunity. Suitable for any growing method at any stage of the cycle. The use of enzymes is especially useful in soil or other substrate growing, when there is no constant access to the roots and the ability to inspect them.

Some organic food manufacturers pre-add bacteria, sugars, and enzymes to their fertilizer lines. But for our part, we would recommend using enzymes as an additive that fills the root system with oxygen, stimulates the plant’s metabolism and immune system.