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Interested in learning about the types of health conditions that cannabis CBD oil supplementation can be used for? When traditional medicine fails, we find an alternative in medical cannabis plants. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers on using hemp oil with CBD.

Hemp oil with CBD and mental retardation

We have a son, Adamka, 8 years old. diagnosed with ADHD– Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. We decided to use 5% CBD oil for about 3 months. After about 3-4 weeks, we saw significant progress in communicating with our son, and the main thing happened was that we had already been waiting for a long time, but did not even hope that this would happen – Adamko began to try to go to the toilet in a small way, and out of great need, and he himself is very happy about it. So for us, CBD oil will always be a “YES!” with it we have made significant progress. We are very happy and hope that thanks to CBD our son will continue to move forward. Thank you. SILVIA, Slovakia

Hemp oil with CBD and Alzheimer’s disease

At my mother Alzheimer’s disease, classical treatment causes unpleasant side effects – aggressive conditions that are suppressed by deterrents. Mom after them became indifferent, moved very little, suffered from incontinence and was not interested in the environment. I decided to try alternative therapy, I was looking for something that could help. CBD hemp oil called “Phoenix Tears” that I found on your site, I decided to give it to my sick mother. We have been using it since June, and my mother has become much better. We reduced the dosage of suppressive drugs and aggression decreased, incontinence also improved, motor skills and communication skills improved. I know that this terrible disease cannot be cured, but I am grateful for even a small improvement, and I attribute this merit to cannabis. Nature has a solution for everyone, because we are an integral part of it, and we should be grateful for what it gives us. For happiness, I thank you for the opportunity to use cannabis for the treatment of the mother. With love, PAVLA, Czech


Hemp oil with CBD and congenital heart anomaly

…. and the doctor says, “What are we going to do with your heart?” … I don’t even know what to think about it. It has been about 10 years since the ablation (removal of a congenital anomaly). But the doctor wasn’t happy…

I’m not talking about cholesterol. He is very tall, although I am slim, go in for sports and do not eat smoked or animal fats. During a heart check, last week found that “Heart is fine, hmm” 🙂
I’m looking forward to getting my cholesterol checked… :-). And this is just the second bottle. Autumn regular rhinitis did not come … muscles and joints do not hurt … And this feeling before going to bed? As the saying goes, “I slept like a baby.” Thank you Cannadora!!! PEACOCK:-D

Hemp oil with CBD and Parkinson’s

I have a sick husband. Him Parkinson’s disease and severe anxiety (depression). The disease affects his right side of the body and he was under a lot of stress. At first, I gave him CBD hemp oil and CBD tea between doses. When my husband has anxiety, I give him drops of hemp oil (about every three hours), and this condition immediately recedes. I can’t even imagine what I would do without these drops and tea, and how I could still cope with my husband. They are a little expensive for me, but the main thing is that they help. milada, Czech

Hemp oil with CBD and a brain tumor

This story does not concern me directly, it concerns my husband. In March 2016, he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. After there was a successful operation. In two months, he had irradiation 30 times, and I was looking for information on how to help him survive this, and that’s how I learned about your hemp oil. Now my husband has been using the drops for the second year and everything is in order. Even the doctors don’t believe he’s still alive. She no longer uses drugs at all, only 5% hemp oil with CBD. Yitka, Czech

Hemp oil with CBD and changes after vaccination

Our story has just begun. Martinek, our son, has changed since the vaccination. I am afraid, no matter how it is a disease, not autism, or whether there is a prolonged function of dysphasia. In any case, this is my favorite angel. I just started tackling this problem, but the first step was to recommend ordering CBD oil. We used it for 3 weeks and the changes began to happen right before our eyes… Attention improved, reaction to pats improved, he falls asleep without difficulty and it seems to me that his understanding of what is happening is only getting better every time! CBD oil didn’t taste good to him, and we were giving it “forcibly”, and one night, when everything was going on as usual, I repeated how this medicine helped him, and he looked at me, listened, and suddenly opened his mouth wide and allowed himself to do it voluntarily! I was touched, I believe in a miracle and that everything will be fine in our family. Roberta, Germany


CBD hemp oil against cancer

Husband has been using CBD oil for over 2.5 years as an adjunct to treatment cancer. Thank you so much that we can purchase it from your site, I think it also helped him feel a little better with such a difficult treatment. We have even recommended it to our loved ones. Once again, thanks and regards to all your team. 🙂 CBD oil is unique!!! ALEN, Czech Republic

CBD oil and lung cancer

My story is not a happy one. I discovered your site at the same time that I discovered lungs’ cancer at my father. I bought him CBD oil, although it didn’t save his life, maybe it just “continued”, but I definitely don’t blame anyone, but rather believe in its healing properties. I have already planted several flowers of technical hemp in my home, and I make ointments from it that help me fight the pain I suffer from after surgery on the spine and knees. Iva, Czech Republic

Hemp oil with CBD and autism

After reading an article about CBD oil helps autistic people, I decided to order CBD oil after consulting with you, and at home I did not tell my husband about it to see if there would be any difference in our 7-year-old autistic boy, so I decided to test them both 😀 Our baby began to repeat the words for us a week after starting to use the CBD oil my husband showed me. I found articles about the benefits of CBD oil, which we continue to give him and plan that within a year he will switch to homeopathic remedies, because we do not want to receive medicine from doctors, but we go on the path of treatment, not to “heal”, with CBD oil really does improve communication with the baby… he doesn’t have that “bubble” anymore, he really notices everything and our eye contact with him is especially important. We still need to sing to him before going to bed, well, I won’t bother everything; -) Katerina, Czech Republic