How to germinate cannabis seeds

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Proper germination of hemp seeds is the key to a rich harvest. Today, together with Coffeeshop® experts, we will figure out how to properly germinate cannabis seeds and achieve 100% germination.

What you need to know before germination

Cannabis is an annual plant. In a season, sativa can reach up to 5 m in height, and indica – 1-1.5 m. Plants are male and female, with each sex producing different types of flowers:

  • The female plant produces buds that are used for relaxation and medicinal purposes.

  • The male plant produces a small flower that also produces pollen, but neither pollen nor any other part of the plant contains THC. Growers tend to avoid male plants.

The best option for an excellent harvest is the purchase of feminized strains – there are practically no males in them. For the first experience, it is recommended to purchase the most unpretentious varieties of marijuana: White Widow, Northern Light, Blue Dream, B. Lee, etc.

What healthy cannabis seeds look like when ready to germinate

Cannabis seeds resemble flax seeds: they are dark earthy in color, round and shiny in appearance. Make sure that when buying you get dry and hard seeds, because if they are loose and damaged, the work will be in vain.

Under good conditions, germination of cannabis seeds takes 3-7 days. This can be done both directly in the ground itself, and in a damp towel, napkin and peat granule. The latter option is very convenient, because it allows you to monitor the plant, and then plant it in the soil, without the danger of damaging the delicate root system.

With proper germination of marijuana seeds, the root will appear in 2-3 days. Some growers try to speed up the process by cutting the sharp part of the seed. This way the root is shown faster, but there is a high probability of damaging the seed, so such experiments are best left to the conscience of experienced growers.

How to germinate cannabis seeds in the ground

This is the most natural and correct way, but it does not allow you to see all the metamorphoses that occur with the seed.

Germination of cannabis seeds in the ground consists of the following steps:

  1. Purchase soil from a specialty store and make sure it has a neutral pH of 5.8-6.2. It is desirable to use drained mixtures containing perlite or vermiculite.

  2. Spread the soil in pots, boxes or glasses at the rate of one container – one seed.

  3. Moisten the soil with clean, decontaminated water. If you are not sure about its quality and want to know what to add to the water for germinating cannabis seeds, then add a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide to a liter of liquid. It will kill pathogenic microbes and disinfect the water. It is good to water the plant with settled water: leave the container without a lid overnight so that the chlorine has time to disappear, and only then use it for watering.

  4. Make a recess no more than 2-3 cm, place a seed in it and cover it with earth.

  5. Wrap the container in cling film or place a clear plastic cup on top. As it dries, moisten the soil with a spray bottle. Leave the pot with the seed on the window, but make sure that it is not blown by a draft.

  6. If the germination of hemp seeds in boxes with earth was done correctly, then a sprout will appear in a maximum of a week. On rounded leaves you will see the shell from the seed. It can neither be removed nor touched – the plant itself will drop the “burden” when it gets stronger.

How to germinate seeds in a towel, gauze or cotton pad

  1. Place a cotton pad, a piece of towel or gauze in a saucer and carefully place a few seeds on it – up to 5 pieces per disk. It is no longer worth it, because the sprouted roots are confused and damaged, and the health of the whole plant depends on their integrity.

  2. Cover with a second cotton pad, but do not press down.

  3. Add clean water so that it completely soaks the two discs and fill the bottom of the saucer.

  4. After 20-30 minutes, carefully drain the unabsorbed liquid and cover the saucer with a transparent film. Leave in a bright and warm place.

  5. Remove the top disk after 2-3 days. You will see germinated seeds with a small core, ready for planting in the ground. You can only move the embryos with tweezers.

  6. Dip the seed into the hole and cover with a small amount of earth, enough so that the root does not dry out. Water the plant as soon as the moisture from the soil evaporates.

Germinating cannabis seeds in a towel is suitable for those growers who like to watch growth and want to make sure that they have invested in viable and vigorous seeds from the very beginning.

How to germinate hemp seeds in a peat tablet

Often, with this method, home heated mini-greenhouses are used, and for drinks – not ordinary water, but special nutrient mixtures. Instead of peat tablets, you can use mineral wool – the principle will be the same.

  1. Place the seed in the cavity in the tablet.

  2. Line the bottom of the box or greenhouse with drainage material and fill with a small amount of liquid.

  3. Place the seed tablets evenly throughout the container so that they have access to water.

  4. Put the box in a bright place and wait for the first leaves. Now the sprout can be transplanted.

Germination of hemp seeds in peat tablets is a process that requires considerable material investments, but gives a 100% result.