How to remove the smell of marijuana when growing

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Plants emit specific odors, so the grower should learn how to remove the smell of marijuana indoors and learn how to deal with this problem even before it bothers the neighbors.

Proven way to bring down odor when growing

The charcoal filter is a conservator grower’s best friend. The charcoal contained in its composition does an excellent job of fragrant cannabis terpenes, so that the air leaving the greenhouse is practically odorless.

Remember that the more humid the environment in your grow box, the worse the filter will work. Therefore, control the correct indicators of the microclimate in the room – this is the best defense against vigilant neighbors. You need to replace the carbon fill every 2-3 cycles.

As an additional means of combating odors, neutralizers are used. They are made in the form of gels, blocks, liquids and sprays. This option can be combined with charcoal filters or used on its own for small grow boxes.

The story of how to fool a bloodhound dog

Breeds with a developed sense of smell are chosen for the position of a sniffer dog and they are taught for about six months. The peculiarity of animal training is that the skill must be constantly trained, otherwise it will atrophy. Not every police dog handler does this, so some dogs serve to intimidate more than good.

However, there is usually no time to figure out how professional a dog you get, so they use the following methods:

  • Do not use cannabis or be in a room where weed grows or smokes for about 4-5 days before travel. Neither on your clothes nor on your skin should the aromas of grass remain.
  • To hide the smell will help materials without pores, to which polyethylene does not apply. Glass, aluminum foil and lead, as well as ice, do not let olfactory molecules pass. You can freeze cannabis and put it in an airtight glass container, for example. This method works when you need to understand how to bring down the smell of marijuana from dogs in the presence of it.

Remember that the methods described are for informational purposes and are described for the sake of broadening your horizons. We do not call for the cultivation, storage and transportation of prohibited plants in countries where it is punishable by law, and the options mentioned are rather extreme measures. Not the fact that they will be enough in a particular case.

We remove the smell of grass from the room

As a bonus, we offer you to learn how to get rid of the smell of marijuana in the room. As practice shows, in a room where cannabis grew or where it was actively used, it is not so easy to remove the smell. If there are a lot of fabrics and natural materials in the room, the aroma of grass will saturate them, and it will be difficult to get rid of the haunting smell of ganja. Here are some easy ways to deal with this problem.

  • Baking soda or charcoal. Usually, to eliminate unpleasant odors in the refrigerator, they sell special filters that need to be laid out on the shelves. Such filters contain soda or coal, and sometimes both at the same time. You can use such filters, but they will require a lot of them for the whole room, or just spread the plates of soda in different parts of the room. The effect will be achieved after 12 hours.
  • Vinegar. Soak a few scraps of fabric with vinegar (you can use apple or grape – with a more pleasant smell) and hang it around the room. This folk method works better in combination with the one described above.

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