Is CBD Recommended for Everyone?

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You should be aware of the possible side effects before introducing CBD into your daily routine. While the potential side effects are minimal, it is important to remember that this substance can affect everyone in different ways, and what happens to one does not necessarily happen. after another, so it is important to start with a low dose.

Here’s how you can detect side effects, if any, and reduce your dose again if one or more of the following side effects occur:

Thirst or dry mouth

A 2006 study found that cannabinoid receptors are also found in saliva-secreting cells, so when CBD interferes with the activity of the endocannabinoid system, the salivary glands have difficulty producing saliva.

Low blood pressure

When CBD is taken in high doses, there is the potential for a drop in blood pressure. It is advisable to consult a doctor before consuming CBD oil in case of blood pressure problems or in combination with medications to regulate blood viscosity.

Sleepiness and agitation

Since CBD consumption affects different people in different ways, agitation or drowsiness are possible side effects in the first few days of using the product. In the event that taking CBD causes drowsiness, heavy equipment or driving should be avoided, and it is advised to reduce the dose to a level that does not cause drowsiness in the middle of the day.