New Study: CBD Doesn’t Cause Liver Toxicity or Increase Functionality

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Details of the study on the effect of CBD on the liver

The study included 839 participants who were at least used hemp-based CBD in oral form for 60 days. The studies used over-the-counter CBD products from 12 brands to fill in research gaps for such products.

The results showed that none of the participants had clinical evidence of advanced liver disease, according to trial co-investigator Dr. Jeff Lombardo, a specialist in toxicology. Also, according to him, less than 10% of participants experienced a slight increase in liver values. Three subjects had levels of the liver enzyme ALT 3 times higher than normal, but since they were taking prescribed medications, it is not known if they were the cause of the increase or other factors.

In addition, almost 70% of study participants reported having maintained the same medical health records and continued to take concomitant liver medications. no increase in reported side effects, according to Validcare. Also, other studies of similar groups of subjects have shown an increase in liver function by 11%, while this study is about 9%.

“This unexpected, positive finding makes the data even more compelling and provides significant important data for considering secondary safety measures for the entire population”said co-investigator Dr. Keith Aqua, a physician based in Miami.

“We will continue to analyze these real-world data and add a second prospective study to this data to increase statistical confidence in liver safety and secondary measures among different populations and consumers with various medical conditions.”

Study Conclusion

Validcare’s decentralized clinical research platform and partnerships with national laboratories helped bring this prospective study to a successful conclusion, providing results to brands and FDA officials.

Findings from a human safety study regarding the consumption of hemp-based CBD found no evidence of toxicity or worsening of liver disease in 839 participants.