Why do we celebrate Cannabis Day on April 20th?

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How did it all start with 420?

In English-speaking countries, it is customary to write the date by indicating the month and then the day, i.e. April 20 is 4/20 , April 20. Likewise, it’s a good idea that 4:20 (whether it’s morning or noon) is the right time to start cannabis.

Cannabis devotees around the world often mention these three numberswhen they talk about cannabis, and many medical cannabis magazines and publications somehow include these numbers in the title. How could it seem so popular at first glance that it even led to international holiday, even in calendars?


In the footsteps of the cult 420

Traditionally reportedthat the term began in the 1970s with the use of California high school students who attended high school in San Rafael. One group of teenagers was “originally” Nicknamed “Valdos” in the place on the big wall where they met every day after school for an afternoon joint.

Valdos planned to harvest some kind of abandoned cannabis field, meeting at a Louis Pasteur sculpture in a schoolyard in four hours and twenty minutes after lunch. However, since they did not know the exact location of the field and did not find it the first time, they had to return the next day.

There were several more unsuccessful attempts to find a secret place, despite the fact that before meeting, the boys always agreed to meet in “4:20 at Louie’s”, over time, this entry was shortened, and then from this password it became a popular expression for all smokers in California.

Louis Pasteur

Or was it completely different?

In addition to this hypothesis, there are others, such as for example about Grateful Dead fans (who also called “Deadheads”), who also lived in the San Rafael area and supposedly used the term even before Valdos.

When a person tries to figure out the true origin of a slogan, there is a danger that he will quickly become confused in a number of hypotheses that do not go far from the theories about aliens. Maybe some alien inhabitant actually came with this?

Finally, according to Guide to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the answer to the main question – the meaning of life, the universe and in general – “42”, and this is close to 420.

Be that as it may, it is now clear that the number 420 will always have a special meaning for smokers – at least for another 420 years. April 20th is an increasingly popular holiday around the world, during which cannabis fans take to the streets and celebrate with friends (of course, they can also celebrate at home).

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