Beneficial effect of marijuana on enhancing sensory perception during sex

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Science does not stand still, and today there are many studies that study how marijuana affects the body during sex. Some claim that cannabis is a natural aphrodisiac and recommend it for use before every intimacy. Opponents of this theory are of the opinion that smoking cannabis only weakens the libido and are advised to refrain from such practices. Coffeeshop® invites readers to take a closer look at the results of research on this topic and answer for themselves how marijuana affects sex from a scientific point of view.

Is marijuana a natural aphrodisiac

A 1974 study by Vine Koff shows that many people do indeed perceive marijuana as a natural aphrodisiac. They claim that smoking a joint before sexual intimacy allows you to forget about the constraint. In their opinion, marijuana removes psychological barriers, reduces the significance of everyday problems, thoughts about which interfere with concentration, and helps to better understand your partner. Thanks to this effect, people feel each other better, become more open to the needs of the person next to them and get better, longer and more sensual sex.

According to a newer study published in 2017, it is the dosage that matters. People who use cannabis constantly and in large quantities have a low libido: it is more difficult for women to achieve orgasm, while men, on the contrary, complain of premature ejaculation.

The systematic use of marijuana in small doses has a positive effect. A 2009 study found that people who smoke marijuana regularly are more likely to have sex and experience orgasms. This is due to having an unusual sensory experience during intimacy: partners notice new sensations and are more attentive to touch. For these purposes, some manufacturers suggest using lubricants based on hemp oil. It not only gives a new experience of perception, but also relieves possible discomfort, making intimacy as pleasant as possible for both.

Smoking cannabis affects everyone differently. Here is just a small list of factors that affect the intensity of the arrival:

  • Age, gender and physiological characteristics of the body. Those who are under constant stress feel the effects of smoking marijuana more acutely than well-off and calm people, but in their case it is important to control the frequency and intensity of use. The sensuality and duration of sex depends on this.

  • Psychological condition. Marijuana allows you to relax, forget about stress, anxious thoughts and physiological discomfort. Many who have tried smoking a joint with a partner are sure that marijuana has a positive effect on sex, because it turns off the head from the flow of disturbing thoughts and allows you to concentrate on what is happening at a particular moment.

  • Marijuana type. There are invigorating sativa strains that promote the awakening of physical activity. Indic varieties, on the contrary, relax, tune in to a meditative mood.

What strains of marijuana are best for sex

For a vibrant, unforgettable intimacy, sativa-dominant varieties are recommended: Pablo Escobar, Divine Sativa, Auto Jamaica, etc. with a high THC content. It is better for both partners to taste these strains in advance in order to understand the required dose. If you experience anxiety when smoking THC-rich strains, then remember to take vitamin C on a regular basis – this will minimize the risk of panic attacks.

For deep immersion in the process and complete merging with a partner, indica-dominant varieties of marijuana for sex are ideal: Auto Gagarin, Auto Kabul, etc.

If everything is not going smoothly in your sex life or you want to diversify the experience, then marijuana will help you overcome the psychological barrier and build a close relationship with your partner. Scientists recommend not to forget about moderation and to smoke cannabis before sex (in those countries where it is allowed) in small quantities to maintain desire and get satisfaction from being close to your loved one.

Coffeeshop® does not call for the use or cultivation of cannabis in Ukraine and other countries where such actions are punishable by law. We only acquaint readers with the results of modern research in order to show the big picture, and offer to buy seeds of strong varieties of marijuana only as a souvenir. Sending orders worldwide is available.