Cbd and the liver (research)

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The selection of the optimal dosage of cannabidiol is always a mystery. Any dose between 5mg and 500mg of CBD can be considered a “reasonable” dose in different contexts. Finding the optimal dose is even more difficult for people with liver or kidney disease, as these are the main organs that clear chemicals from the blood.

According to an article published a couple of weeks ago in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, March 28, 2019/, CBD can be safely used for liver (or kidney) problems, but the dose should be lower than in healthy people. The researchers observed thirty people while taking 200 mg of CBD and then measured the cumulative exposure to CBD and its metabolites. Poor liver function caused a significant increase in CBD exposure. It was 2.5 times greater for people with moderate liver dysfunction and more than 5 times greater for people with severe impairment.

There were no serious adverse events in this small study, which implies that people with liver disorders can use CBD safely, although they should start at a lower dose and build up more slowly. Liver dysfunction did not affect the time of passage of CBD through the intestines: the concentration of CBD in the blood reached a maximum 2-3 hours after ingestion.

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