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A simple rule – little sometimes means a lot

The ideal CBD dosage depends on a number of factors – your weight, metabolism and genetics. Given that each person is unique, everyone should determine their dosage on their own. Some will only need a small amount of CBD, while others will need a higher dose to feel the same effects.

If CBD is new to you, we recommend starting with low doses – 1-2 drops twice a day, and later you can start to increase – depending on your condition. CBD takes time before it starts working – always be sure to wait at least 2 hours before taking your next dose.

Remember a simple rule: always start with a small dosage and gradually increase.

In general, you need to be aware that as soon as your condition starts to improve with CBD, this means that you have found the ideal dosage and practically won! Once you have found your ideal dosage, you no longer need to increase it. Stay at the same for a while, and gradually decrease over several months.

CBD products are also unique in that you won’t need to switch to higher percentage oils over time, on the contrary, the better you feel, the less CBD you’ll need.

Expert advice

Sovety Eksperta Cannadorra

We talked to our expert Pavel Chermak.

  • Hi Pavel. We are very happy that you took the time to talk to us about some of the CBD related issues. Tell us what is CBD in general?

CBD is one of the cannabinoids found in hemp.

  • How is CBD produced?

It is extracted using either alcohol extract or CO2 extract.

  • How does CBD help and work in general?

CBD helps your body by normalizing the processes in the body. It has antidepressant, antipsychotic and anti-inflammatory effects.

  • There are different varieties of hemp oil and different percentages. What is the difference? What percentage is right for what?

As a rule, it is recommended to use 2% as a preventive measure. This 2% is also recommended for autism. 5% is used for diseases in the early stages, and 10% is recommended for people who already have the worst stage of the disease or have more diseases at a time.

  • You are talking about diseases. What do you mean? When does CBD help the most?

CBD actually helps a wide range of ailments, whether it be epilepsy, high blood pressure, or high blood glucose. Using 2% CBD oil (about 6-8 drops per day) will reduce your insulin use by up to 50%. CBD is also a natural antidepressant.

  • What about dosage?

In terms of dosage, it is generally recommended to start with less, 1-2 drops twice a day and increase the dose after 2-3 days. If you experience an unpleasant side effect after increasing the dose, or if the person experiences drowsiness, restlessness, nausea, or diarrhea, it is necessary to go back to the previous dose and stay on it for about 1-5 days and then try to increase it.

  • How to take CBD oil?

Drip under the tongue. Ideally, you need to leave the oil under the tongue to act for a while (1-2 minutes), as it is absorbed through the mucous membrane. Then you can swallow and preferably not eat or drink for a while.

  • Is there a limit where a person can overdose?

CBD is not psychoactive. However, an overdose of CBD is not impossible.

  • Where is the best place to store oil? And how long?

You can store for about three months after opening the package. It is good to store it in the refrigerator, but this is not necessary, it is enough just to put it in a dark closet.


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