CBD oil and the story of Roman

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How did you know your son was sick? How was his illness?

I have a 21 year old son, Roman, who was diagnosed with severe mental retardation and epilepsy as a child – a lifelong trap in a wheelchair. We coped with everything until his 18th birthday, after which he began to show great aggression and anger. At first we were advised to visit a psychiatrist, where he was treated with synthetic drugs. Although they reduced anger and aggression, they had a great impact on Roman’s life – he stopped talking to us, constantly wanted to sleep, although this had not happened before. He even began to write and became very nervous. When he stopped wanting to eat, I felt hopeless. Right at this moment, I decided to say NO to synthetic drugs and start looking for an alternative.

KBD I Roman

What exactly did Roman use before switching to CBD oil?

We gave our son Roman synthetic drugs, which we decided to stop using after talking with my husband because of the big side effects. We called the psychiatrist and said that we would not take any more pills and were looking for an alternative. After we started taking Bach drops against anger, which helped only partially – aggression decreased, but still remained.

How exactly did you come to hemp oil?

I learned about this product from a group of children with autism on a social network, where other mothers praised it a lot. Then I told myself that since CBD oil can help children with autism, it could also help my son with mental retardation. I started looking on the Internet with hope for available information and came across the Cannadorra online store, where I met the consultant Pavel Chermak, who helped us with the choice of the product and its dosage.

What was your opinion about hemp products before you started giving it to your son?

A year ago, I didn’t even know something like that even existed. Now I am very pleased that I stumbled upon such wonderful products then and I always recommend them to everyone. It helped us a lot with aggression and moods.


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How did you start using the products - tell us about the early days, the dosing method?

After the consultation, we immediately ordered 10% - a dosage of 3 drops 3 times a day. At the beginning of treatment, the son reacted with hyperactivity, repeated one word over and over again, and was a little tense. Then we ourselves found the dosage that suited us - 4 drops in the morning and 3 in the evening. Plus, we started adding one tablespoon of hemp oil, which we combine with fish oil. I can say that thanks to the oil, my son developed excellent immunity. We recently had the flu in our family. Usually everything happened so that the son was the first to fall ill. This time, only my husband and I were in his place, Roman was not even touched by the flu.

When did you start noticing the first improvements?

The first improvement we noticed after about 4 weeks of regular use of CBD oil, a complete improvement - that is complete disappearance of anger and aggression It came already during stable use (at 6 weeks). We have been using CBD hemp oil for about half a year now and the changes are simply excellent. The novel has become different - wonderful! Very obedient! He began to laugh, chat, and together we improve his vocabulary. He is relaxed and looks very happy. Sleep has improved, he quickly falls asleep and sleeps until morning. Even the epileptic seizures disappeared. Aggression is no longer at home :-) And the most beautiful thing is that after three years, he again began to call me “beautiful mommy” .. the most wonderful gift is to see your child satisfied and happy.

"The most beautiful gift is to see your child content and happy."

What message would you like to convey to those who are thinking about CBD oil but haven't tried it yet?

To all the parents of our wonderful and precious children, I would like to say that you never give up and never lose hope. Be sure to try CBD oil and do not shy away from it - we are all different, of course - it helps someone better than another .. but after today's conversation, you realized that it helped Roman incredibly.

CBD Hemp Oil And Roman

We thank Roman's mother for a wonderful story that touched us very much and wish all the best in Roman's life path, because he is an adorable and strong boy. As a thank you, he received CBD products from us as a gift :-)