CBD oil – 4 reasons to take CBD oil every day

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There is a fundamental difference between THC and CBD, and while THC gives users a “high” feeling, CBD in turn provides most of the health benefits. Hemp always contains some amount of CBD by nature, but science allows us to grow hemp strains that are high in CBD and have little to no THC. So CBD can be taken daily for its incredible health benefits, without getting high.

CBD oil – 4 reasons to take CBD oil every day

What’s the difference between THC and CBD?

The main difference between THC and CBD is that TCG is the active ingredient in cannabis that makes you feel “high”. CBD belongs to another group of active substances in hemp, the so-called cannabinoids.
CBD is the most important cannabinoidfound in the hemp flower, and THC and CBD are two of the most common active substances your body absorbs when consuming cannabis. Most hemp contains more THC than CBD, but modern research has been able to develop strains that contain little to no THC.
The beneficial effects of CBD on the human body is becoming more and more known. Why we give here 5 reasons why CBD should be consumed daily.

1. CBD Eases Feelings of Fear and Panic

Cannabis is sometimes associated with heightened fears, but THC is usually responsible for that. In contrast to this, CBD counteracts the anxiety effect of THC and relieves anxiety in general. It helps both people suffering from severe panic attacks or feelings of fear, and those who only occasionally have to deal with it.

2. CBD Lowers Blood Sugar

A 2013 study found that cannabis helps people manage weight by balancing blood sugar levels.. Research has also shown that cannabis users are less likely to develop diabetes, despite the insatiable hunger many report.
Whether CBD is beneficial for diabetic patients is still debated and more research will be needed on this topic. But it’s clear that CBD regulates blood sugar levels and reduces the chance of diabetes.

3. CBD Blocks Cancer Cell Growth

The cannabinoids in hemp stimulate certain receptors that induce the body to produce pharmacological effects in the immune system and in the central nervous system.
In this way, cannabinoids stop the growth of cancer cells. In fact, they are used for reduce the size of tumors and to alleviate side effectsassociated with cancer, which is a very important aspect.

4. CBD relieves chronic pain and inflammation

CBD relieves chronic pain, acting on the endocannabinoid system, which controls pain and inflammation. Most diseases are accompanied by pain and inflammation, and CBD stimulates precise receptors that counteract these symptoms.
Because of this, CBD is so incredibly effective in treating many different conditions. It also has a preventive effect on many health disorders. First of all, it is a natural treatment option for various diseases that does not cause any side effects. It is for this reason that CBD is clearly superior to many medications.