CBD oil – a mixture of alcohol and CO2 extracts

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CBD oil – a mixture of alcohol and CO2 extracts

As usual, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. In general, we consider alcohol to be the most appropriate method for extracting CBD (cannabidiol), which is why we used it until recently. In the end, Rick Simpson’s legendary drops are extracted by the alcohol methodwhich are so popular and in great demand. However, this method also has its disadvantages, for example, high processing temperature.

On the other side, CO2 is currently the most commonly used extraction on the CBD oil market, and this method has its own advantages compared to alcohol. However, the taste and spectrum of the substances they contain are weaker. The appearance of such an extract is cloudier and denser.

Therefore we decided combine the benefits of both extracts to get the best CBD oil, which contains a maximum of contained cannabinoids and other useful substances with perfect purity and with a pleasant hemp taste.

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CBD alcohol extract

Alcoholic extract provide a good base. With this method more substances are extracted from the plant than with CO2. For example, substances such as amino acids, flavonoids and others do not dissolve in CO2. Alcohol can dissolve all types of cannabinoids. Alcoholic extract is cleaner and its appearance is more transparent.

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CBD extract with CO2

CO2 extraction complements the base with many other substances that, when evaporated, destroy alcohol (when heated to 100 ° C) and clean up with alcohol extraction of CBD.

The fact that CO2 extraction takes place at lower temperatures, beneficial acidic forms of cannabinoids (CBDa), fatty acids and desirable vegetable waxes are retained.

Important parameters are the quality of the input material, the temperature and duration of the extraction, and, of course, the cleaning.

Therefore, we focus on all of the above parameters, so the CO2 extract is of the highest quality.

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The result of a mixture of alcohol and CO2 extracts

  • the full spectrum of cannabinoids found in hemp (and acidic forms)
  • maximum bioavailability and absorption of substances
  • preservation of rare waxes and fatty acids
  • obtaining amino acids, flavonoids, chlorophyll
  • typical cannabis taste that is not too bitter
  • slightly cloudy extract with perfect consistency