CBD oil – can you feel “euphoria” after using it?

You must have thought about this at some point. Not surprisingly, when most people hear about hemp products, they innocently associate them with the psychoactive qualities of one component in hemp, THC.

Let’s answer this question right away – NO.

CBD oil will not “intoxicate” you and will not make you feel “euphoric”, because. CBD is not a psychoactive substance without intoxicating effects. It does not affect your mind, your thoughts or your behavior negatively.

CBD oil and its effects

Let’s figure it out. Okay, CBD oil doesn’t have an intoxicating effect. What is CBD anyway? Another question arises: what will we feel after CBD oil?

In the traditional sense of smoking or drinking high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) cannabis, CBD has other effects. It is THC that is the cause of the feeling of euphoria, the intoxicating effect and the change in thoughts and feelings. None of this applies to CBD oil. The difference is that THC and CBD act on different receptors in our body to produce different effects.

There are many people who take CBD oil as a dietary supplement or as a medical alternative who claim to experience a feeling of relaxation after using it daily.

The biological and scientific reasons why THC has these properties and CBD does not can be found by learning more about the endocannabinoid system.