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This year we decided to take the collection more in a family way, so we went to the village where I was born, in Oleshna. The local nature gave us excellent conditions for the growth of cannabis, despite the drought this year. Isn’t it a coincidence that the lake “Závlaha” is located nearby (in the irrigation lane) :-)….

Hemp, family and tradition

We picked hemp for tea by hand in a field surrounded by a pine forest and a pond. She really was born here. As evidence of this, there were 4-meter plants, which, despite the drought this year, were wonderfully green and smelled “intoxicating”. Hemp was harvested classically, manually plucked into bags. We rely on tradition and dry naturally in the air on the ground.

Konoplia Semiya I Tradicii

Cannabis friends meeting

We were delighted to welcome 40 people from all over the country and also from abroad, many of whom we have already seen at the cannabis harvest several times. The main camp was located at the Baron camp in Oleshna. The interns not only communicated with each other, but also worked hard, collecting more than a ton of high quality cannabis on the first day.

Vstrecha Druzei Po Konople

Cloudy, rain and hemp

Every day work began at about 10 am and continued until about 5 pm, of course with a short lunch break.

Oblachnost Dozhdik I Konoplia

Hemp tea, harvested with joy and love 🙂

Everyone participated, even the smallest members of the team :-). Our Mariana was 5 weeks old. It was amazing, but also hard. We gave it our all. The collection was a success and we are very pleased that we can now offer you first-class quality hemp tea this year.

Hemp novelties in assortment

I am also pleased to introduce you to the new products from our range of hemp teas, namely hemp tea with sea buckthorn and a newly announced fraction. Hemp tea is especially suitable for those who want to relax, and sea buckthorn is also known for being an exceptional antioxidant.

Andrea Šťovicková Director

Warm greetings to Andrea Šťovíčková, Director of Zelené Země