Does hemp ointment help with scars?

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Hemp ointment for skin – one of the most popular products in our range. Customers praise its healing properties for many skin problems, from dry, itchy, eczematous skin to lubricating chapped corners of the mouth, healing minor injuries, or lubricating dry pet paws.

Does it make sense to use hemp ointment on scars?

Hemp skin ointment with calendula, natural lanolin, shea butter and beeswax has an effective healing effect. Hemp ointment contains BIO-hemp oil, which also has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. The ointment is not only excellent lubricates the skin, increasing its elasticity, but also regenerates it. Both are very important for scar healing.

When healing scars, you can also combine hemp ointment with classic cosmetic Vaseline. It is often recommended by surgeons themselves. It is cheap and available. Do not look for vaseline in hemp ointment, it does not contain it. Instead, the ointment contains natural lanolin, which forms a protective layer on the skin, softens and smoothes it, and most importantly, accelerates the process of wound healing, which is very important in the treatment of scars. Shea butter also accelerates the regeneration of minor wounds or burns and has natural antibacterial action.


Real photo documentation of the scar healing process from our client

The following detailed review of hemp calendula ointment shows the healing process of a scar after carpal tunnel surgery.

Zazhivlenije Shrama Blagodarja Konoplianoj Mazi

The top photo shows that after the removal of the stitches, the scar acquired a purple hue. When moving the thumb of the hand, the scar opened. Initially, the client lubricated the scar only with Vaseline.

On our recommendation, she tried hemp ointment, which subsequently gave the skin sufficient elasticity and promoted its regeneration, and after a few days the difference was noticeable. The scar closed and healed beautifully.

A more detailed view of the healing process is presented in the lower series of photographs.

Konopnlianaja Maz Pri Shramach

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