Get in shape with cannabis. Tips for men!

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When to start getting in shape? When to tell yourself enough is enough and start?

Straightaway! As soon as it comes to your mind that you need to change something, your figure or unhealthy lifestyle! Why not start now? Not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or Monday, but immediately today?

Get in shape with cannabis. Tips for men.

The main slogans are: detox, diet, move and always think of the saying: EVERYTHING IS GOOD IN MODERATION.

Let’s start…

Let’s set goals. Enough to start small. They are easier to perform and you won’t have to reproach yourself much if they don’t work out.

one. Figure – it will depend on the exercises and our diet.

2. Health – there is healthy mind in a healthy body. If we fulfill our first goal correctly, then it will remain a toy for us.

After we set the plan. When something is written, it is easier to carry out.

Aerobic exercise and strengthening

Choose an activity that suits you and move at least 3 times a week.

Also very important walks in the open air. With proper breathing, we enrich the blood with oxygen and activate the lymphatic system. Especially sunlight “charges” our body with Vitamin D.

Don’t forget about exercise. Schedule at least two workouts per week, at home or in the gym.

IMPORTANT! Before each workout and after at least 20 minutes of warm-up.

And in order for the result to be even better, drink a Protein Passion cocktail before starting.

Hemp protein is very effective when combined with strength training. When losing weight, he promotes metabolism and helps reduce muscle loss.

Hemp protein is protein highest quality. It is unique in its content 23 amino acids and rare proteins. Hemp protein is not only great for athletes… We recommend it for muscle building, dieting and detox, or after surgery and injury.


Another important point to achieve this goal is to adjust our diet. Fruits, vegetables, no sugar, no fat and no alcohol. More protein and less carbohydrates, but still not be hungry …

We adhere to the well-known rule – five times a day in smaller doses. Don’t have time to eat? Very bad.

Hemp snack (snack)

The best choice for a hemp snack is the Tribulus Hemp Protein Bar.

You will get all the benefits of hemp and tribulus, which is great for increasing physical and mental vitality, is a natural aphrodisiac and adds energy.

The composition is suitable for stimulating muscle growth and therefore for improving athletic performance.


And the last moment – detoxificationmaybe detox should come first, but how popular is this topic for men?

So I add it to the end. We recommend at least 2-3 tablespoons of hemp seeds per day to supplement the right amount of fatty amino acids, vitamins and minerals.