Hemp Therapy for Migraines

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With consistent treatment with medical cannabis, the frequency of migraine is significantly reduced. Such results research Israeli scientists recently published in the journal Brain Sciences.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the impact that long-term use of medical cannabis might have on the frequency of monthly migraine attacks. The study examined 145 migraine patients aged 34 to 54 who used medical cannabis for an average of three years. 67% of the study group were women. All patients who participated in the study were given permission to use medical cannabis.

Monthly migraines are halved.

The researchers found that 89 or 61% of test participants experienced a 50% or more reduction in monthly migraine attacks after cannabis treatment. Representatives of this group noted less current disability, improved quality and length of sleep, more rare attacks of the disease, compared with representatives of the control group, which does not use cannabis in migraine therapy.

“In general, these data indicate that the majority of patients who use cannabis for migraine begin to experience some long-term therapeutic effect associated with this form of treatment, resulting in a decrease in the frequency and severity of headache attacks, as well as an improvement in overall subjective quality of life,” the study notes.

The authors of the study note that “migraine is classified as a painful condition. Endocannabinoids have been shown to have an inhibitory effect on serotonin receptors in vivo, which has been shown to modulate pain and emetic responses.”

In recent years, there has been a widespread use of medical cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain in general.