Merry and Hemp Christmas: Gift Tips

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Tips for Choosing Hemp Gifts

Ding dong! Christmas is coming. Have you already bought gifts for your loved ones? Get inspired by our guide to hemp Christmas.

Who are you looking for a gift for?

  • For woman
  • For a man
  • For a child
  • For a pet

Cannabis Christmas gift for a woman

Immunity support is extremely important at any age. Therefore, we know that every woman will like a gift in the form of delicious hemp tea: CBD hemp tea in portions.

If you want to help solve a specific health problem or strengthen your body, then consider gifting CBD oil or CBD capsules.

Vid Kbd ​​Capsul

CBD capsules are suitable for daily use

However, if the woman for whom you are planning to buy a gift is a big fan of cosmetics, then it is better to be inspired by hemp cosmetics products. The advantage of this cosmetics is that everyone can use it. She will meet the requirements even the most demanding skin. Cannadorra offers a wide range of hemp cosmetics – from cosmetics (CBD cosmetics, CBD day and night cream) to shower gels, shampoos, body lotions and, finally, hemp ointments. Hemp ointments are one of the clear favorites in this category, the beneficial effects of hemp ointments have already surprised many buyers.

Kbd Balzam Dlia Lip

Hemp balm from 3.50 euros

Hemp Christmas Gift for Men

If you are looking for a gift for an athletic man, then we recommend to please him with hemp protein. Hemp protein is the highest quality vegetable protein, it is simply necessary for the body.

Hemp protein BIO – high quality vegetable protein, 500 g …


Original price before discount€15.00

Price: €12.99

1136.63 ₽

444.39 ₴

100% natural carbohydrate-protein product, 90% absorption, + 23 ...


Original price before discount€16.50

Price: €14.50


496.05 ₴

However, if the man to whom you are giving a gift is a true connoisseur of CBD, then pay attention to the category of CBD vaporization, perhaps the CBD vaporization kit will be a pleasant surprise for him.

The third type of gift is a gift to boost immunity or improve sleep - take a look at the hemp CBD category, where you might want to buy 20% CBD oil or CBD capsules.


Original price before discount€69.90

Price: €39.90

3491.25 ₽

1364.98 ₴


Original price before discount€38.90

Price: €24.90

2178.75 ₽

851.83 ₴


Original price before discount€27.90

Price: €22.90

2003.75 ₽

783.41 ₴

Christmas gift for a child

Clearly, kids don't appreciate health-promoting Christmas gifts as much as adults. But Cannadorra also has a wide range of products for children.

The absolute number one product designed especially for children is hemp oil in fish oil with CBD, which will take care of their immunity for a whole year.

Kbd Dlia Detej

Does hemp oil in fish oil not suit you? As an alternative for children, we recommend CBD oil - usually 5%.

And since most kids are picky eaters, we think you can't go wrong with hemp chocolate ;)

Christmas gift for pets

Pets are just like members of the family and, therefore, they should not miss this holiday.

If you want to comprehensively take care of their health or support their immunity, then choose our products from the category: cannabis for animals.

CBD oil for dogs 10%

Hemp oil enriched with CBD (10%) for animals Contains 970 mg CBD, veterinary ...



CBD oil for dogs 5%

Hemp oil enriched with CBD (5% wt.) - 10 ml A unique nutritional supplement that ...



CBD oil for dogs 2%

Hemp oil enriched with CBD (2% wt.) - 10 ml A unique nutritional supplement that ...



Dogs will definitely enjoy hemp treats or hemp oil. Among other things, you can try hemp bran or hemp cake (hemp pomace) for other pets.

Konoplja Dlia Zhivotnych

Hemp oil is beneficial for improving the quality of hair and skin

Anna's Christmas and New Year

Anna Gareeva is our business manager for partner network development in Russia. She advises our clients in Russian, helps them with the choice of products, and also sends Czech gifts to her relatives in different countries with pleasure.

Anna Gareeva

Anya, how do you celebrate the winter holidays in your family?

In Russian tradition, we first celebrate the New Year, and then Christmas. Both holidays are one of the most beloved in our family. We decorate the Christmas tree, children sing New Year's songs and draw winter cards. If the days are snowy, then we definitely make snowmen and spend a lot of time outside.

Tell me, what gifts have you prepared this year?

Our family is very fond of cooking: therefore, together with a new cookbook, I will give my parents the famous Czech Hemp Oil and a set of hemp spices and salt. For children and friends, we traditionally take hemp-based bath cosmetics: hemp spas will please and warm you on cold winter evenings in the best possible way. And for myself, my choice this year is very high-quality and pleasant face creams - CBD day cream and CBD night cream with a rejuvenating effect;)

Christmas at Jacob's


Cuba in Cannadorra works with orders from Czech and German clients. He is also responsible for wholesale. His Christmas will be in the circle of his girlfriend and dog.

When you think about Christmas, what do you imagine?

Of course, silence, peace and no unnecessary stress.

What do you like most about Christmas? Do you have any traditions that you follow?

At Christmas I like to spend time with my family. What about traditions? We try to follow them with my girlfriend. For example, we cut apples or launch boats, we especially like to cast lead, because the castings remain as a keepsake. (Czech Christmas traditions)

What about gifts?

Because I work for a company that makes great products, I don't have to choose very long. Hemp oil always wins. My girlfriend uses it everywhere: in the kitchen, also for the body and hair.

Christmas at the Accountant Lutsk

Lucie Cannadorra

Lutsk takes care of all our accounts and maintains the office in Jihlava. She is a mother of two small children ... but you will find out for yourself :-).

Lucy, what do you like most about Christmas?

I have two small children, so I look forward to their joy at the Christmas tree, the smell of Christmas cookies that children love to cook with me, and watching fairy tales together.

Do you follow any traditions?

With children, we launch walnut shell boats and hang mistletoe on the ceiling.

What about gifts?

Of course, Hedgehog (baby Jesus) brings them, but we help him with Cannadorra products so that he doesn't have such a hard time :D. For me, the most popular product is hemp tea, suitable for both children and adults.

Sonya Fashinova and her Christmas holiday

Sona Fasinova

Sonya is currently on maternity leave and works part-time in Cannadorra. She checks bank accounts and pays whatever is required. He also takes care of the good mood in the team. She is helped with this by her husband (and at the same time director of production at Cannadorra) and their two cute children.

Sonya, Christmas... what does it mean for you at home?

Fairy tales, gifts, family holidays and homemade egg liqueur, mmm, yummy :)

What gifts have you prepared this year?

The family traditionally receives gifts from Cannadorra. I prefer CBD hemp oil because of its versatility.

Christmas at Renata's in Jihlava

Renata Cannadorra

Renata Shimonikova packs orders at the warehouse in Jihlava and sends them to customers. She also has a beautiful little daughter with whom she spends Christmas.

When you hear the word "Christmas" - what do you imagine?

Meeting with the whole family, tranquility and a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

What do you like most about Christmas? Do you have any traditions that you follow?

When the family gets together, this is probably the greatest tradition for me :-) We watch fairy tales together, float boats and reex apples.

What about gifts?

I really love hemp oil with tea tree oil - it helps me with aphthae, insect bites, and various abrasions. My daughter also uses it as a prophylaxis against lice, which is one of the frequent problems in schools ... it's a universal gift that will always please relatives :-)

Cannadorra wishes you a wonderful Christmas and a New Year full of peace and joy! We look forward to seeing you next year!