The effectiveness of cannabidiol for insomnia

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You know the feeling when you toss and turn in bed, can’t sleep? Thoughts are swarming in my head that prevent me from immersing myself in the realm of Morpheus. This is insomnia. The consequences can be very different. From increased fatigue to reduced immunity or prolonged depression.

It is worth noting that insomnia (or, as doctors also call it, insomnia) is a sleep disorder when a person is unable to fall asleep. The most common symptoms of insomnia include:
• change of mood, feeling of constant irritability, weariness, weakness;
• waking up in the middle of the night or very early in the morning;
• difficulty falling back asleep after waking up;
• dissatisfaction with sleep;
• it is difficult to focus attention, remember information, think.

It stops motivating a person to do anything. People who suffer from lack of sleep feel sleepy during the day. They also complain of headaches. Often there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

What are the reasons

In most cases, insomnia is caused by stress. According to statistics, for this reason, a quarter of all people on Earth suffer from insomnia during the year. In this case, stress can be very different. For example, pregnancy. This is a big stress for every woman. About 76% of pregnant women suffer from insomnia.

It happens that a person quarreled with someone, and then cannot fall asleep, thinking about it. So there is stress, which results in insomnia. Sometimes a person gets stress on the basis of large loads. Working on a long-term assignment or working overtime is stressful.

Changing living conditions, moving, changing jobs can also cause sleep difficulties. Often, sleep is also disturbed by a change in marital status, illness, or the loss of a family member. By the way, some disease can be the cause of insomnia. Cardiac, gastric, mental, vascular diseases contribute to sleep disturbance.

Insomnia develops for the following reasons:

• prolonged medication;
• smoking, alcohol;
• overeating before going to bed;
• frequent experiences;
• sharp rises in the emotional state (one minute you want to move mountains, and the next you cry).

Moreover, the individual characteristics of the patient often act as a lever for the appearance of insomnia. We are talking about age, temperament, individual character traits, lifestyle, health status. Older people, women, as well as those who find themselves in difficult life situations, most often fall into the power of insomnia.

If the patient cannot sleep 3 or more nights a week for 3 months, then he is dealing with chronic insomnia. Long-term sleep disturbance negatively affects all aspects of life. This can manifest itself in a bad mood, inappropriate behavior, mental problems.

How to fight

The most popular treatment for insomnia is sleeping pills. But we must remember that this remedy is not the most effective in all cases. In addition, some pills are addictive.
There is a much more reliable way to deal with insomnia. This cannabidiol, which has a number of medicinal properties. Its features:

• does not cause intoxication of the organism;
• is considered a non-psychoactive substance;
• use is allowed in Russia;
• has an anti-inflammatory effect;
• acts as an analgesic and antidepressant.

Few drugs can boast an impressive list of useful properties. Yes, and most of them have side effects and are unnatural, unlike CBD.

In practice, it has been proven that the lives of those who use cannabidiol change for the better. Patients who have entered the life of CBD have abandoned many ineffective and toxic drugs. The use of this substance has helped to cope with various complex diseases. These include epilepsy, tumors, osteoporosis.

cbd oil is an innovative solution for insomnia. Mint-flavored natural remedy will help you fall asleep without any problems. You no longer need to be afraid to jump up at night, and then fail in unsuccessful attempts to fall asleep again.

While creating oils The manufacturer uses non-GMO American hemp. This remedy also does not contain gluten and this can already be attributed to high quality products.
It is recommended to use oils depending on individual characteristics. Doctors advise to establish a permanent regimen and stick to it for 2-3 weeks. Depending on the percentage of cbd in the oil, the daily rate and amount of consumption are prescribed.

To achieve the result, it is advisable to take it half an hour before bedtime. However, the timing of results will also vary.

Take care of yourself and remember: sound sleep is the key to good health!