CBD Oil info

So now that you know that is a CBD isolate, you might be wondering what are the benefits of using it. After all, the oils and extracts are already there, so what’s unique about that ??

The biggest benefit of using an isolate is its adaptability. It can be used to prepare tinctures, oil tinctures, topical products (for example, on the skin) and many other products. The isolate does not have the psychoactive effects of THC (which cause highs), making it suitable even for children and pets.

Another benefit of CBD crystals is that they have no discernible odor or taste. This is often a lack of oils and extracts with hard, earthy, nutty flavors and terpenes that give them a distinct odor. Isolate is a great alternative to oils and pastes for those who don’t like the aroma and taste of hemp.

Since the isolate is pure CBD, it’s easier for you to measure your dosage as well. You can track exactly how much you are taking. CBD (not isolated as an isolate) is very often mixed with other cannabinoids and other plant chemicals when used in oils and extracts, making it difficult to determine how much you are actually getting with each dose.