9 reasons to become a grower

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If you love everything natural and love to grow something, then it’s time to learn how to become a grower not in dreams, but in practice. They say that the craving for the earth appears with age, but often only the lack of free time and the lack of a garden stand in the way of those who want to grow plants with their own hands. Today we will get acquainted with the basics of growing as a profession and give a soft but convincing motivational kick to those who still cannot decide to buy their first grow box.

The growers among us are the next generation growers

Do not believe those who say that ladies of easy virtue are engaged in the oldest profession in the world. Before spending leisure time in the company of a courtesan, strength was required, and food, including vegetable food, provides them. Since ancient times, farmers have been growing crops, which, in fact, are growers.

Growing is the process of growing plants, no matter what. Growers set up lavender plantations in France, they grow tomatoes in a private front yard, or they cultivate the trendy microgreens on the windowsill. Your grandmother, who grows violets for sale or spuds potatoes, is also a grower, she just doesn’t know about it.

Why call a harmless pastime alone with plants a separate foreign word that smells like Mary Jane flowers? It just wasn’t born on our continent. There are no more secrets. You can say that to your grandmother.

The task of the grower is to create the most favorable conditions for the plant. Fortunately, modern science allows you to grow almost perfect fruits, and for this you don’t even need to buy a summer house. It is enough to purchase a growbox – a small tent in which your flowers and tomatoes will feel like under the open sky. Maybe even better.

Why Growing is Cool

We understood who a grower is. It remains to find out why grow plants at all, if everything can be bought at the supermarket. And everything that cannot be bought, then it is forbidden to grow. We’ve compiled the Top 9 Reasons that will motivate you to take the noble path of growing.

  1. Caring for the environment. Whoever thinks about the environment thinks about the future. By growing the plant yourself, you will reduce the burden on the agricultural sector, and get used to healthy and natural food.
  2. Savings on the purchase of vegetables and other greens. You can get a harvest for yourself, family and friends by deciding to buy plant foods even in the off season.
  3. The perfect hobby. The presence of an additional pastime not related to work has a positive effect on the human psyche. Therefore, those who grow “plant” are full of love and peace.
  4. A great opportunity to find friends with similar interests.
  5. Harvest with your own hands. Pride in a good harvest, the delight of accomplishments and inexhaustible enthusiasm – that’s what awaits the grower at the other end of the rainbow.
  6. Continuous access to clean and tasty fruits. You control what your tomatoes “eat” and you will know exactly how safe the products you eat are.
  7. Great commercial potential. He wanted to – he dried the dill for himself, but he wanted to – he sold a fragrant green bunch of greens to those who appreciate naturalness.
  8. Expansion of knowledge. It’s always in fashion!
  9. The opportunity to get a super-award for a great harvest at the growers’ competition.

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