Boy with autism speaks with CBD

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At the age of 10 months, Puerto Rican Calela Santiago was diagnosed with a malignant tumor – neuroblastoma. Within 2 years the boy underwent a course of chemotherapy, surgery and survived. However, he was later diagnosed with a severe form of autism.

At the age of three, the boy did not speak.

“When Kalel was in the hospital, we realized that he did not speak at all and that his behavior had changed. He clapped his hands strangely and walked a little,” the boy’s father, Abel Gomez Santiago, told Yahoo news. “We started to solve this problem when my son was three years old after he was cured of cancer.”

Abel and his wife, Gladys, parents of two adult children (aged 18 and 20) have attended several workshops and courses on autism. They tried different therapies and approaches, including surf therapy, until they finally settled on CBD oil.

Kalel started taking 2 doses of CBD oil daily and started talking after 2 days.

“We were surprised when one day at school he began to pronounce the vowels – A E AND O U – these were the very first sounds that he uttered. Can you imagine what emotions we experienced – for the first time in my life I heard his voice. A teacher at school recorded his voice and sent it to my wife and I. And it’s all thanks to CBD.”

Shortly thereafter, he began to pronounce consonants. “Said amo mi mana (mom, I love you).”

Kalel’s story is further proof of the therapeutic potential of cannabis, in particular CBD oil.