CBD (CBD, Cannabidiol) in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

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In most cases, HIV causes dysfunction of the immune system. The virus puts the immune system at risk, and then it doesn’t fight the infection. Cannabis will help the immune system fight this type of problem and this is what makes it so promising.

Several studies have been done on this topic, and it is clear that cannabis can increase the number of T cells in HIV-infected people. And since these cells are known to destroy pathogens, it’s easy to see why using CBD oil makes so much sense and it brings so much potential.

In fact, CBD oil can also be used to help you deal with things like neuro-inflammatory and neurodegenerative conditions. These include cerebral ischemia, strokes, head injuries and many others. According to early research, cannabis is very helpful in combating the degeneration of nervous tissue.

Even if the studies were done on animals, it is still very promising to hear such things, and it will be of great benefit, in the long run, you can be sure of it. But yes, this is an area where much more research is needed.

WITHBeing able to fight neural degeneration and help our bodies fight HIV may seem like a daunting task, but CBD oil does a very good job here, and it does come with its fair share of benefits.