CBD may help you quit smoking cigarettes – study

We hear a lot of positive news about the power of cannabinoids and other compounds found in the hemp plant. One of the cannabinoids that gets the most attention is CBD/ CBDor cannabidiol.

Research in the field shows that this small chemical can help not only reduce cramps, relieve pain, and promote neurogenesis.

A little practice:

The study involved 24 smokers who wanted to quit smoking. All participants were given an inhaler (containing either CBD or a placebo) and were told to use the inhaler for 1 week whenever they felt like smoking a cigarette.

Those participants who were given a placebo inhaler saw no reduction in the desire to smoke the cigarettes they consumed during the week of the study. Meanwhile, participants receiving CBD saw an average 40% reduction in cigarette consumption.

“These preliminary data, combined with strong preclinical evidence for the use of this compound, suggest that CBD is a potential treatment for nicotine addiction, which warrants further investigation,” the study authors wrote. Therefore, CBD helps to reduce the noticeable signs that may prompt a smoker to return to smoking cigarettes. Similarly, the authors of the study believe that the compound may interfere with a memory process known as “reconsolidation.” This is when the memory of the smoking reward is restored by simply observing another person smoking.