CBD Oil – A Complete Buying Guide

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How to Buy CBD Oil – Our complete guide will help you navigate the market.

If you want to try CBD oil as an alternative and safer treatment for health problems, there are a few important things you should be aware of before choosing a specific CBD product. Since this market is not fully regulated yet, you may encounter low quality products and even CBD oils that can cause psychoactive effects since they also contain THC.

Therefore, it is important to read this article and all product information carefully before purchasing any to avoid buying dangerous and risky products.

CBD oil? Focus on quality, not low price

Quality is never cheap, it’s just a fact. If a product is suspiciously cheap, then it is probably a scam and you should think twice before buying. Many so-called CBD vendors are capitalizing on the growing demand for CBD oil due to its obvious therapeutic effects, so they simply decide to make a quick buck selling low-grade, low-quality products.

The internet is literally brimming with offers offering CBD oil at incredibly low prices, but it’s often a risk rather than a bargain.

Keep in mind that these cheap products usually say that the sellers have no evidence that they check their quality and authenticity, and they cannot guarantee that the ad from the advertisement or flyer is correct.


Original price before discount€69.90

Price: €39.90

3491.25 ₽

1364.98 ₴


Original price before discount€38.90

Price: €24.90

2178.75 ₽

851.83 ₴


Original price before discount€27.90

Price: €22.90

2003.75 ₽

783.41 ₴

Real producers and sellers of CBD oil will provide you with all the information you need about the product, including its origin, without any problems. You can also find out the quality of the product based on the concentration of cannabidiol. The higher the concentration of cannabidiol, the stronger the effect of the product, which means that your money will be invested correctly - you will spend it on a product from which you will definitely feel the result.

How to buy CBD oil

Even though CBD oil is very popular and its use is legal all over the world because it has no psychoactive effects, finding reliable CBD oil manufacturers is not easy. You will find information on the Internet everywhere and it may not be accurate. Before finding the right CBD oil, carefully research as much product information as possible without buying a rabbit in a sack.

You may even get reviews and opinions that blame CBD use for drug use because many are still confused about the difference between CBD and THC, a substance also found in marijuana that is responsible for the psychoactive effect that causes "drunk". ".

Combining CBD oil and marijuana leads some people to believe that the oil is also addictive and that it has the same effect as drugs, although multiple laboratory tests and clinical trials have repeatedly proven that CBD can never make you drunk. But if you are still confused about what CBD and THC are, read a little more about them to understand and see for yourself the difference. In our online store you can buy CBD oil without THC - it's called crystalline.

CBD hemp oil crystalline - hemp seed oil, ...


Original price before discount€30.00

Price: €24.99

2186.63 ₽

854.91 ₴

CBD hemp oil crystalline - hemp seed oil, ...


Original price before discount€42.90

Price: €26.99

2361.63 ₽

923.33 ₴

CBD oil crystalline - hemp seed oil enriched ...


Original price before discount€72.90

Price: €44.99

3936.63 ₽

1539.11 ₴

Before buying CBD oil, here are a few criteria you need to remember if you want to buy a reliable and high quality product. A trusted manufacturer will provide you with all the information and information you need to know about the products, so it is not difficult to check if the product meets the selected criteria.

Volume of CBD

The first thing you need to look for before buying a CBD oil product is the amount of CBD it contains. You've certainly noticed that there are CBD products on the market with varying amounts of CBD, so it's important to know how much CBD your body is getting.

Is there a limit on the amount of CBDthat a person can use? While something like "too much CBD" is practically non-existent, it's always good to know how much CBD your body needs to improve the health problem you want to address.

The concentration depends on the specific body problems you have, so we strongly recommend that you consult with someone who has more experience using CBD or read our recommendations for determining the correct dose. You can also start at a lower concentration and gradually increase your dose if a smaller amount doesn't provide relief or work properly.

When checking CBD concentration, make sure that the information provided refers specifically to CBD extract and not to hemp oil in general, as their effects vary.

Volume of oil from hemp seeds

Products with CBD oil have two main components that will interest you.

This is the volume of the previously mentioned CBD extract, and the volume of hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil on its own, which does not contain CBD, also has some positive effects, but if you are interested in CBD products, then you should be especially interested in its content.

Using a product that is high in hemp seed oil and low in CBD will be similar to using a vegetable oil free of EDA and DHA. In other words, you will be using a medicine, but without a lot of active ingredients.

CBD concentration

When we talk about the concentration of CBD, we are talking about the amount of CBD in total volume product.

As noted earlier, CBD oil can also contain cannabinoids other than CBD, so it's important to know how much CBD is in the product you're buying.

For example, if you are a beginner inexperienced user, the recommended starting dose is 2 to 3 milligrams of CBD per dose.

Of course, you can raise your dose based on your body height and weight and how long you've been using CBD, and start at around 10mg per dose. Later, you will adjust the amount until your body gets used to the CBD.

It's good to know in advance that in order to enjoy the full health benefits of CBD oil, you need to regularly use a product containing it, i.e. every day, in the same way as any other dietary supplement or medicine.

However, if your starting dose is not producing the desired results, try increasing your CBD dose a little. Do this gradually at first, over a period of one week, until you reach a point where you actually feel a significant improvement.