FIM cropping tips and tricks

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Sometimes you look at a young and vigorous bush and involuntarily ask yourself: “Why do FIM pruning cannabis, because he already looks quite cheerful? Experienced growers use this method as one of their progressive growing options to increase yields. Today we will figure out whether it is necessary to carry out FIM pruning, whether this stress is worth the subsequent results, how to do it correctly and as safely as possible for the plant.

What is FIM cannabis pruning

As for humans, stress can have both positive and negative effects on plants. For example, many people are painful about being fired or forced to move, but are happy to go on vacation or change jobs when they themselves want to. Plants are very similar to us in some ways: some stresses undermine their health, while others harden them and turn them into mega-giants, with big, strong stakes that portend a big harvest.

Trimming the tops of hemp (FIM) refers to cannabis mild stress. The process is to cut off the top (meristem) so as to redistribute the growth hormone and allow the side colas to build up enough mass to produce large buds.

So, why do FIM pruning cannabis:

  • Increase harvest. If stress does not bring more yield, then there is no need to injure the plant. That is why only those methods that give a significant output take root in growing. FIM training serves just that purpose.

  • Plan a place. You will be able to control the growth, size and shape of the bush in order to pave all the usable space in the grow box.

How to properly prune cannabis

After the appearance of 4-5 tiers of leaves, pinch the top of the plant so that approximately 20% of the meristem remains, i.e. 80% of the top can be safely removed. It is believed that such a simple move increases the yield by about a third. For best results, FIM pruning is often combined with LST pruning to create compact, controlled clumps.

FIM rules for cannabis pruning

  1. Start With Proven, Stress Resistant Strains. During the first grow, it is best not to practice at all. Until you feel the plant, learn to determine its condition, see all the subtleties of growth on your own experience, stress can complicate the process. At first, it will be more useful to feel the whole process, and only after that, arrange unnecessary stress for yourself and cannabis. If you want to purchase a strong and persistent strain with a good pedigree, please contact our managers. We will advise the most tenacious varieties on which it will be convenient to hone your skills.

  2. Keep your tools clean. The plant should be cut with sharp scissors sterilized with medical alcohol to protect the bush from infection. Be especially careful with tools you use outdoors. On a knife, scissors or secateurs, insect eggs, fungal spores and many other things that you would not want to see in your grow box can remain. Also remember to wash your hands before handling plants.

  3. Protect cannabis after pruning. Activated charcoal can be used as an additional protection against infection. Sprinkle the internodes injured by pruning immediately, before they have time to drag on.

Cannabis is much stronger than it looks. Plants by default are able to self-repair and survive many hardships, so it will not be easy to ruin a bush with training. The only problem is that rash actions lead to a significant reduction in yield. If you don’t want to risk your harvest, then don’t forget the progressive grower’s golden rule: “Don’t add stress!”. When a plant is experiencing nutritional problems, looks drooping, or has just survived an infestation of parasites, it is not worth training. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to experiment, because that’s what makes growing interesting. Check out our Coffeeshop® to purchase accessories for growboxes with delivery all over Ukraine and to other countries and enjoy the comfortable process of growing plants and harvesting large crops!