How to lose weight with marijuana

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The first hippies who smoked a fragrant joint did not even think about how cannabis helps with weight loss and normalizes weight. They liked the feeling of relaxation that comes without the hangover inherent in alcohol, and the opportunity to get to the bottom of new layers of their own personality – to drill into such distances that are normally inaccessible. But over time, the opinion appeared that the grass “dries”. This seems like a real miracle, especially considering that after a fragrant smoke, you usually want to eat a hearty meal. Scientists even use a special term for this phenomenon – “Rabelaisian appetite.” When looking at the engravings of Francois Rabelais, the analogy is obvious.

Coffeeshop® offers to find out if you can lose weight from marijuana and how to use it to get the figure of your dreams.

How cannabis promotes weight loss

In most advanced countries where marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes, it is prescribed as an appetite enhancer. Cannabis-based drugs are used to reduce the effects of chemotherapy (reducing nausea and improving appetite). It is not uncommon for patients with bulimia and other eating disorders to consume products containing cannabis and improve their condition.

Let’s open the secret – it is impossible to use the same product in the same way to achieve the opposite effect. If you want to buy cannabis seeds in bulk in order to use plants for weight loss in the future, then you will need to change the approach to use.

The herb itself increases appetite, as any stoner will tell you. However, you can use its strengths to achieve excellent results in the fight against extra pounds. Consider the effect of marijuana on weight.

  • Marijuana helps fight stress. But it is he who is the main trigger for the absorption of high-calorie foods. Weed smokers find it easier to relieve stress. It is those who have learned to keep themselves in a stable, balanced state that can confirm that they lose weight from marijuana.
  • Hemp improves connection with nature. The most difficult thing is to overcome the desire to stay on the couch and immerse yourself in introspection at home. However, there is nothing more interesting and more useful for maintaining harmony than trying out the most delicious strain in nature and devoting time to a walk in the fresh air.
  • Cannabis is a product for the curious. The world around is becoming wider, new horizons are opening up, there is a keen interest and energy to discover something new. It is a sin not to use such spiritual uplift without benefit for the body!

Slimness and marijuana

Let’s go back to the thin and happy “flower children” who had no problems with being overweight. Why were most hippies not overweight? If you look into history, it will be striking that the Rasta culture flourished mainly among young people – students. At the age of 22-25 years, the metabolic rate in the body is maximum, and that is why overweight is more often gained not by young people, but by people of older generations. Students who use weed usually do not even think about whether marijuana is causing them to lose weight. For them, their state of the body is natural.

Plus, the rastamans of the 60s did not have so many “home” entertainment. Television was only developing, but no one had even thought about the Internet. The youth walked and talked. To listen to your favorite Beatles, you had to try hard – to find money for a concert, come, come up with a place to spend the night, get to know a lot of other people. Now it is enough to turn on the computer, and the whole world is at your feet. And if you don’t need to move, then calories are not spent, but only their lack leads to weight loss. No magic.

Is it possible to lose weight with marijuana?

It is just as real as gaining weight, the main thing is how exactly the stoner organizes his leisure time. If you refuel with mayonnaise burritos while lying on the couch, then a miracle will not happen, even if you blow. Grass can be used for good purposes, but not as a panacea for all ills, but as part of meaningful consumption. Conscious stoners who want not only to relax, but also improve their lives with the help of marijuana, do not forget about sports, healthy products and great company, because in an environment of free people tuned to the same wave, you can reach any heights!