Top 7 Elite Marijuana Strains

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At cannabis festivals, a strict jury evaluates marijuana strains and their effect on stoners. The most famous festival of this type is the High Times Cannabis Cup. It has been held in the Netherlands since 1988 and has become a measure of the best strains. Each seed bank considers it their duty to create a variety that would take the “Cannabis Cup”, because it is a direct proof of the excellent quality of the strain.

The Cup is awarded in several nominations, as in the case of the Oscars. Coffeeshop® offers a list of elite strains that have won more than once and are now available to order for the delight of growers with the most sophisticated taste.

7 strains you need to try at least once

  1. Cocaine Feminised. Indo-dominant variety with great potential. The variety has powerful genetics, suitable for indoor and outdoor. He endures the mistakes of a young grower. The strain grows vigorously, bears fruit like crazy, and with the right care produces up to 28% THC. An additional plus is that although it is not cheap, it cannot be called the most expensive variety of marijuana. In other words, Cocaine Feminised is a decent strain at an affordable price.
  2. Mountain Haze Feminised. This variety, whose ancestors came straight from the Himalayas, combines high THC content (up to 28%), compactness and abundant harvest, making this an investment that, with proper care, pays off. The strain has a characteristic Haze aroma – light but memorable. The variety should not be consumed before bedtime, but before a big party or creative work – that’s it.
  3. Calypso Feminised. A strong and enduring indica with a touch of sativa. He begins his ancestry in Mexico, which is why he loves the sun. It opens gradually, like a May bud: at first you will feel a boost of strength and emancipation, and then you will plunge into sweet bliss, filled with inspiration and relaxation. This strain was created as a secret ingredient of good mood. The variety is used in medicine to combat panic attacks, mental disorders, and is involved in the treatment of autism in children. With growth, it has a high thirst for life, forgives the grower many mistakes and pleases with a good harvest.
  4. Auto Kadenyuk Feminised. This is one of the cutest trains, which you want to look at without stopping. The beauty will decorate any greenhouse: neat, squat bushes during flowering are covered with fluffy bright orange trichomes. The variety is dominated by indica, and the THC content reaches 20%. In care, the strain is unpretentious. Due to its small height (about 100-120 cm) it fits even in a stealth box. The only downside is the strong fragrance during flowering, so good ventilation is required. When consumed, it saturates the lungs with an appetizing cheesy aroma, leaving behind a soft citrus aftertaste.
  5. Auto iMo Feminised. A worthy offspring of a sunny Mexican sativa and a powerful Afghan variety. Gives an energy boost and a great mood. The plant has a small growth – no more than 100-110 cm, an impressive THC content (up to 21%) and a good yield. The stocky bush is completely covered with chic buds, dense and resinous, amber reflections playing in the sun. Suitable for beginner growers.
  6. Auto Tereshkova Feminised. A mini sativa with great potential that even a large, stately plant would envy. The variety can be grown indoors in a small grow room, or you can hide it in an equipped bedside table, and it will not be easy to guess about its existence. The height of an adult plant reaches 60-90 cm. During flowering, heavy, fleshy cones are formed on the bush, which under their own can even break a branch. To avoid this, it is not recommended to stop the lower and side shoots to support the plant. Despite the miniature size, the strain is very powerful – it contains up to 27% THC.
  7. Auto Positive Feminised. The Jamaican disposition of this girl is visible from the appearance of the first leaves. The variety grows intensively, does not pay attention to shortcomings in care and gives the grower heavy stakes. And at the same time, THC in it reaches 28%. Due to its excellent uplifting effect, it is included in the group of the most fun varieties of marijuana.

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