What are feminized seeds, how to get them and what they are for

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If you are just trying on the image of a professional grower or want to expand your horizons with information about growing plants at home, you are probably wondering what feminized seeds are and why there is such a hype around them. The online store of marijuana seeds Coffeeshop® offers to plunge into the fascinating world of cannabis cultivation and, solely for the sake of gaining new knowledge about the World, find out what femme seeds are, how to get them and what to use them for.

What are feminized marijuana seeds

Cannabis comes in two genders. Female cannabis is generous with buds that are high in THC and CBD, which is why growers carefully select females. Cannabinoid content is minimal in male buds. They are needed exclusively by breeders who are engaged in the propagation of cannabis. The rest of the growers prefer to figure out what feminized marijuana seeds are and grow exclusively female plants. At the first appearance of sexual characteristics, male and female plants are separated. It is important that there is no contact between them, because even a small breath of wind will be enough to pollinate the “girl”. In this case, the plant will throw all its forces into the formation of seeds, and resinous cones can be forgotten. How to feminize cannabis seeds Some growers do feminization on their own to protect themselves from the appearance of hermaphrodites (germs). This is the name of the process that allows you to get an increased number of female plants. We will tell you how to feminize marijuana seeds on your own.

You need to prepare a solution of colloidal silver.

  1. Take pure silver without impurities 999.

  2. You will also need a 12V, 1A power supply with alligator clips. Such power will be enough to activate silver ions and hold them in distilled water.

  3. Connect the wires through the clamps to the pieces of silver.

  4. Take a glass container, fill it with distilled water and lower the clamps into it. Pieces of silver should be at a distance of 3-5 cm relative to each other and not in contact with the walls and bottom. Make sure that the metal from the clamps does not come into contact with the working solution.

  5. Plug the power supply into an outlet.

  6. Every 2-3 hours, unplug the unit from the network, remove the silver from the container and clean it from plaque. Shake the contents of the jar well and return the silver to its place, connect the power.

It will take a day to prepare a solution of colloidal silver. It is necessary to work with the solution in protective gloves.

Apply the silver solution to the parts of the plant that will bud (in the internodes) and work the leaves on both sides. Use a cotton swab.

The solution can be used for a maximum of three days, stored in a cool dark place. As you can see, the process is delicate. If you do not want to waste time, but you still need to understand how to get feminized seeds, we offer a more popular method, described below.

How to determine the gender of cannabis by seed – growing 80 lvl

The old grower should not be surprised by the fact that regular strains are more genetically potent than femme strains. Imagine what potential lies in those plants that are endowed with the properties of both species? The most interesting thing is that you can set up such an experiment on your own “plants” and select at the stage of selecting seeds from “automatic” plants those that will definitely be female. Unless, of course, you are lucky enough to live in countries where the cultivation and use of marijuana is not punishable by law.

Consider a seed. Pay attention to the place where it was attached to the stem. If it:

  • has a smooth, rounded, almost geometrically ideal shape;

  • can roll on the table without clinging to anything and without bouncing …

Then you are lucky – in front of you is a “girl”. Of course, these are all secondary signs. The surest way to own 100% healthy, ready-to-grow autofems is to buy feminized marijuana seeds from our online store. We cooperate only with trusted seed banks, give a guarantee from the manufacturer for all products and guarantee that our seeds will please even the most experienced grower with cheerfulness and a wonderful harvest.