What is hemp used for crafting

Many people still believe in the myth that cannabis is a purely harmful product used only by drug addicts. This is an outright lie imposed by anti-drug propaganda and popular culture. Perhaps people themselves have taken this point of view, since there are many times more references to cannabis as a soft drug than as an industrial crop. Despite the popularity of smoking marijuana, this plant is a treasure for any person: with the help of cannabis, almost any product can be made. On the modern market of goods, you can find more than 35,000 products made from hemp leaves, inflorescences and other parts of the plant.

Interestingly, only technical hemp is used in production. This is a plant with a minimum content of psychotropic components or with their complete absence. The level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) does not exceed one percent, in rare cases – four. Even at 4% THC content, a person will not feel much impact on their consciousness. So what is hemp made of?


In marijuana, marijuana is an indispensable raw material; it has been used on ships and boats since the Middle Ages. The reason for this was that hemp is the only natural material that does not change its structure, color, strength due to exposure to salty liquid. This plant becomes an assistant in the manufacture of sails, gear, ropes and other marine accessories. In the English dictionary, you can find the word “canvas”, which translates as canvas, canvas. The word was originally used in Holland and meant “cannabis”.


It is from hemp paper that the first printed Gutenberg Bible, the first paper money in China, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are made. In the 19th century, about 90 percent of paper was made from technical marijuana. Our ancestors did not use hemp because they did not know about the possibilities of trees. Cannabis paper is more wear-resistant, cheaper and more durable than its “wooden” counterpart. Another advantage of marijuana is that one hemp bush grows on average 4 months, and it takes decades to cut down a tree. In addition, hemp paper is also more profitable because it takes 4 times less hemp to create the same amount of hemp paper products, which emphasizes its cost-effectiveness.

hemp oil

Cannabis seed oil contains many nutritional components and vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D and E. In addition, the oil preserves about 20 amino acids, of which 9 are essential, very necessary for maintaining the health of the body. These amino acids, except for hemp, are found only in seafood, and then in small quantities. Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids necessary for a person are also present in the oil.

It is used for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Hemp oil is used to make various cosmetics, thanks to which people smooth out wrinkles, cleanse their faces, and in general, defeat old age. Cannabis medicines are mentioned in many medical books of the past centuries. The Czech company “Kannaderm” has no equal in the modern hemp cosmetics market.

Hemp oil is also used to create coloring agents. Hemp paints gained particular popularity in the middle of the last century, such paints were more environmentally friendly and dried faster.

Textile industry

After the marijuana stem is processed, the resulting fibers are used to produce fabric. The fabric products of the hemp world are as durable as paper. If you want to keep the brightness of a thing for a long time, its condition, novelty, purchase cannabis fabric. Previously, diapers, curtains, and sheets were made from thin hemp fibers. Many grandmothers probably like to show off their tablecloths and other things that have kept the same look for 50 years, with a hint that “they don’t do that now.” Also how they do it! Some world designers add marijuana to their clothes.


Scientists say that even our ancestors 10 thousand years ago sewed outfits from cannabis. This is confirmed by numerous excavations and archaeological works. Athletes are encouraged to wear hemp clothing due to its ability to retain the body’s natural heat exchange. The fabric almost does not transmit ultraviolet light, which contributes to the reproduction of harmful microorganisms. The first Levi Strauss & Co., better known as Levi’s, jeans were also made from hemp fiber in the middle of the 19th century.


Shoes made from marijuana are renowned for their environmental friendliness and durability. Experiments investigating such shoes for resistance to stress, bad weather conditions, and damage have confirmed that hemp products are of higher quality than their brothers. You can not be afraid of the occurrence of fungus and other harmful diseases of the feet, as cannabis shoes counteract harmful bacteria. Such well-known companies as New Balance, Adidas, Nike, add marijuana fibers to the material in the manufacture of sneakers.


It is easy to guess which of the ropes is the strongest in the world. Made from hemp, of course. In terms of wear resistance, only goods made with an admixture of artificial raw materials can overtake it. Construction, farming, decorative design – hemp rope is used everywhere. Fire hoses, twine, furniture are produced from it.


Hemp insulation is resistant to temperature changes, due to the ability to counteract harmful microorganisms, the product is not covered with mold and other unpleasant substances. This lightweight material traps warm air to keep you comfortable. Installation of cannabis insulation is quite safe, for this you do not need to purchase special protective equipment.


In various national cuisines, hemp flour is one of the first places in terms of frequency of use. Most often, a mixture of wheat and hemp flour is made in a 4: 1 ratio. Works of culinary art give a nutty taste and aroma, the nutritional value increases. People who cannot tolerate the gluten content in their food can safely consume cannabis dishes.


Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Fiat, Ford are automotive companies that have been using cannabis as a raw material for cars for several years. Hemp fibers are added to the material used to create upholstery. Some parts are also made with marijuana. About five kilograms of hemp fiber is spent on one BMW car. The Canadian company Motive Industries Inc has released the Kestrel car, the body of which is made of hemp. It is called the greenest car in the world.


Cannabis first took its place in aircraft construction in the 2000s, when it was used to create the Boeing 787. The hemp hull is lighter and has a stiffer surface. In terms of individual properties, this hull surpasses even steel structures.


Rechargeable batteries are not yet very common in the world, but Canada has already started developing special models. Cheap recycled fibers combine with other ingredients to make a biodegradable meal called a battery. These batteries charge fairly quickly and give off energy just as quickly.


Thus, hemp is a universal remedy that finds application in almost any industry. Technical hemp is not a light drug, but the savior of mankind, because it is a pure raw material that does not pollute the environment. Thanks to the environmentally friendly properties of cannabis, a person can reduce the amount of deforestation, improve air quality, build more durable houses, and so on. Marijuana production needs to evolve, even if it’s a little more expensive (although it’s not, cannabis is much easier and cheaper to grow and process than common crops). Otherwise, the person will soon die.