World’s First Cannabis Church in the USA

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Back in 2017, the news spread around the world that in the US state of Colorado, the city of Denver, a church for marijuana lovers was opened – the first institution that supports the use of cannabis to expand consciousness and comprehend life. Those gathered here can smoke a joint they brought with them and find answers to their burning questions in the circle of like-minded people.

Marijuana is now in the church

The founder of the institution is Lee Molloy, who is called the representative of the International Cannabis Church. He calls the pilgrims who come here elevationist, from the word “elevat” – “raise”. There is a deep meaning to this name – Lee believes that cannabis helps people develop to the best version of themselves.

It will not be easy to list all the features of this truly unusual place. Here are the main ones:

  • Unlike the Rastafarian movement, which is an offshoot of Orthodoxy, the Eleishinists do not preach any particular religion. They do not call to believe in a particular God or to believe in general. Everyone who comes to them can carry their own faith and worship that higher being that is close to him.
  • There are no pastors, priests and religious symbols in the church. Services are held on Fridays, but they are led by different people, which helps parishioners learn something new.
  • Instead of religious symbols, the walls of the building are decorated with psychedelic paintings by the Spanish artist Okuda San Migel. The ceiling in the building is crowned with the heads of a bear and a bull, and an eagle can be seen on the wall. Behind the altar, a skull embedded in the wall flaunts, and opposite it, angels with needle-shaped heads sit blissfully under the tree of life, decorated with a modest blue flower. They say that the artist worked on painting the premises for exactly six days, and on the seventh he rested.
  • The church is located in an old building of the Lutheran church. They do not sell marijuana here, but they offer to buy merch or make a donation that will help keep this creative and ancient building in decent condition.

In Colorado, cannabis use is so prevalent that the presence of a marijuana church here is no surprise. In fact, this place was not the first cannabis church in the world, but the second. The first was in Indiana, where cannabis use is not legal, so the organization is illegal.

Headquarters of Ukrainian Rastafarians in Kharkiv

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