Hemp cosmetics with CBD – the best for your skin!

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Hemp cosmetics with CBD are ideal for health, delicate and sensitive skin, for skin problems, as well as for peace of mind. How exactly can she help us and which product to choose? Does it really help?

Cannabis and how it all started?

It was an important source of food during times of famine, and in the poorer parts of India it is still added to roasted wheat and rice. Hemp contains vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, as well as substances that do not occur naturally in any other plant – we are actually talking about the hemp plant!

When talking about cannabis, the prevailing view is still that it is something socially unacceptable or harmful. Until this is overcome, hemp becomes an almost universal helper and a great addition to cosmetics.

Hemp CBD cosmetics are your new best friend

You don’t have to worry about hemp cosmetics being addictive or causing side effects – it’s technical hemp cosmetics containing only up to 0.2% THC (according to EU institutions). Cosmetics are also subject to strict criteria and many tests before they make you happy at home. Hemp cosmetics include a wide range of products7. We have prepared a list of the most commonly used with what you can expect from them, who they are suitable for and how to use them.

Hemp oil with rosemary – regenerative serum

What to expect from her?

  • Regenerative serum has positive effect on the renewal of skin cells and helps to keep it healthy and beautiful. Rosemary provides the serum with a stimulating effect.

Who is Regenerating Serum suitable for?

  • Hemp serum is suitable for everyone – it is designed to be used by everyone without any age difference.

Konoplyaniy Gel S Rozmarinem

How to use it?

Simple – apply a drop to the affected area of ​​the skin (face) and gently massage it in – we recommend using 2 drops per day.

CBD hemp gel

What to expect from him?

CBD gels are suitable for rapid relief of muscle stiffness and pain, bruising and swelling. Eliminates the feeling of fatigue after physical exertion. Contains 50 mg of CBD.

Who is CBD gel suitable for?

The gel can be used by everyone. Hemp CBD gel is suitable for all skin types – you can choose a cooling or warming gel – avoid direct contact with eyes and mucous membranes with a warming gel.

CBD Menthol Cooling Gel – contains 50mg of CBD. He fits…


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CBD warming gel with menthol and cloves - contains 50 mg of CBD. ...


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CBD gel - use

Apply a small amount of gel to the affected areas (legs, neck, back, etc.) and massage gently. If you want to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing effect, cooling hemp gel is for you. If, on the other hand, you are in need of a warming, circulating and relaxing effect - choose a warming CBD gel with cloves.

Ghee oil with hemp

What to expect from him?

Despite the fact that ghee oil is an indispensable helper in every kitchen, it can be used for any skin. Ghee oil with CBD and hemp helps to keep the skin young, beautiful and fresh.

Khi Maslo S Konoplyoi

Who will suit?

Everyone. As we have already noted, hemp CBD cosmetics are purely natural cosmetics and can be considered for any type of face.

Ghee hemp oil - how to use?

Apply a small amount of ghee to the affected area and massage gently. It is recommended to apply it once a day before going to bed.

CBD Hanf

All our hemp CBD cosmetics are produced in the Czech Republic from BIO raw materials in harmony with nature.